Year 2 - Tricky words 3

This 'Tricky Words 3' spelling quiz uses words taken from the National Curriculum and tests KS1 children on these spellings. All these words are considered tricky because they break the usual sound patterns.

When spelling, many words can be sounded out but there are also lots of words that can’t be broken into sound groups. This quiz is going to test you on those words that are exceptions to the rules. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. His ____ helped him fix his bike.
    If you accidentally write 'farther' then you are saying far away, or farther away from you - in the distance.
  2. She has a cube of ____ in her mouth.
    We say 'sh' even though it begins with just a 's' - this is a very unusual exception.
  3. These roses are ____.
    This is a very tricky word to spell and the best way to do it is to either make up a rhyme to help you or to memorise it and keep writing it until it sticks in your memory!
  4. What ____ does the clock say?
    The time on a clock is made up of hours, minutes and seconds.
  5. He has a small ____ in his hands.
    Did you know, the Venus flytrap is a plant that eats insects.
  6. The little girl wanted to play hide and seek over and over ____.
    Young children like to play games over and over again as this helps them learn about the world around them.
  7. I ____ ____ Smith that I would hand my homework in tomorrow.
    All male teachers are called 'Mr' whether they're married or not. This is different to female teachers who can be called Mrs, Miss or Ms.
  8. Don't stand ____ the horse.
    This is good advice because horses can kick you if you stand behind them.
  9. What lesson do you have ____ your lunch ____?
    There are two words that sound the same: break and brake. Brake is something that goes in your car and causes it to stop; break is something that snaps or a time of rest.
  10. These ____ are from all over the world.
    There are over seven billion people in the world!

Author: Finola Waller

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