Year 2 - Tricky words 5

This 'Tricky Words 5' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on words taken from the National Curriculum. All these words are tricky to spell because they are exceptions to the rules or consist of rarely-used sounds.

This quiz is on words that don’t necessarily follow sound patterns and so can’t be sounded out. Improve your spelling of tricky words in this quiz.

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  1. Would you like some of my ____?
    This meal is called a 'surf and turf' because the prawns are from the sea (surf) and the steak is from the land (turf).
  2. Don't let go! ____ on tight!
    Roller coasters can be made from wood or steel.
  3. They loved their gym ____.
    You have to be over sixteen years old to join a gym.
  4. Have you lost your ____?
    This is something people say when they are shocked at another person's actions or behaviour.
  5. Can you ____ your identity?
    If you want to travel to a different country you have to show proof of who you are, usually in the form of a passport.
  6. This is a statue of Alexander the ____.
    The letters 'ea' sounds the same as 'ee' but for this word it makes an 'ai' sound. Very tricky!
  7. ____ you like to come on holiday with me?
    The first two answers are real words - can you put them into two different sentences?
  8. ____ can name a country and an animal by saying one word?
    Turkey! It's an animal and a country!
  9. This little girl is not my ____.
    Normally, for an 'i' to make it's alphabet name it needs to be joined by another vowel or followed by a magic e but not for this word as it's an exception!
  10. Do you know ____ facts about turkeys?
    I do - the wobbly bit under a turkey's chin is called a caruncle.

Author: Finola Waller

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