Year 2 - y to ies

This ‘y to ies’ spelling quiz tests KS1 children on words that lose the ‘y’ and then change to ‘ies’ when going from singular to plural. All the words have been taken from the recommended spelling list in the National Curriculum.

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Sometimes to show a word is a plural (more than one) we need to change the ending and add ‘ies’. By changing the ending of the word, we know there is more than one of that thing. How many of these spellings can you spot?

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  1. She is taking ____ for you.
    The machine in the picture is called a photocopier.
  2. A country has many ____ but only one capital ____.
    Out of all the cities in the world, Tokyo, in Japan, has the largest population.
  3. The ____ danced along the bridge as they returned from a day of magic and fun.
    If you remember how to spell fairy, you just take the 'y' away and add 'ies'.
  4. All the ____ joined together to fight the alien invasion!
    An army is created to protect the country they live in and sometimes to protect other countries.
  5. She had kept all her ____.
    You need to be able to spell the word 'diary' then make it a plural. Make sure you don't write 'dairy'!
  6. I would like three ____ for my birthday party.
    What is your favourite jelly flavour?
  7. She went to two ____ on New Year's Eve!
    New Year's Eve is the time of the year where most people celebrate and hold parties.
  8. We say one baby and two ____.
    The word baby changes by taking away the 'y' and replacing it with an 'i' then adding 'es'.
  9. He ____ to stay awake but she ____ him to bed.
    Trying to stay awake will just make you more tired!
  10. Before he ____ he has to send ____ to his boss' invitations.
    The word 'flies' can refer to the insect or the act of flying.

Author: Finola Waller

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