Abbreviations (Mr., Mrs.) Play for free
Adjectives - Adding 'er' and 'est' Play for free
Adjectives 1 Play for free
Adjectives 2 Preview
Adverbs 1 Preview
Adverbs 2 Preview
Alliteration Preview
Alphabet - Upper and Lower Case Letters 1 Preview
Alphabet - Upper and Lower Case Letters 2 Preview
Alphabet - Upper and Lower Case Letters 3 Preview
Alphabetical Order (Letters) Preview
Alphabetical Order (Words) Preview
Animal Noises Preview
Antonyms Preview
Apostrophes - Contractions (Adding 'Have' and 'Had') Preview
Apostrophes - Contractions (Adding 'Not') Preview
Apostrophes - Contractions (Adding 'Will', 'Would' and 'Are') Preview
Apostrophes - Plural Possessive (to Proper Nouns and Nouns) Preview
Apostrophes - Singular Possessive (to Nouns) Preview
Apostrophes - Singular Possessive (to Proper Nouns) Preview
Book Titles Preview
Capital Letters and Full Stops Preview
Capital Letters and Spellings of Days Preview
Capital Letters and Spellings of Months Preview
Capital Letters for Book Titles Preview
Capital Letters for Proper Nouns Preview
Commas for a List Preview
Compound Words Preview
Comprehension - A Letter to the Queen (Summer of Year 1) Preview
Comprehension - Aliens Stole My Homework (Summer of Year 2) Preview
Comprehension - Inference Preview
Comprehension - Monkey Facts (Year 1) Preview
Conjunctions Preview
Conjunctions - And or But Preview
Connectives Preview
Dates and Positional Numbers Preview
Dialogue Tags (Said, Asked, Replied) Preview
Dialogue Tags (Whispered, Shouted, Exclaimed) Preview
Exclamation Marks Preview
Fiction or Non-Fiction Texts Preview
Homophones 1 Preview
Homophones 2 Preview
Indefinite Articles 'A' or 'An' Preview
Letters - Consonants Preview
Letters - Vowels Preview
Narrative - First Person Preview
Narrative - Third Person Preview
Nouns (Singular and Connective) Preview
Nouns - Collective Preview
Nouns - Feminine and Masculine Preview
Nouns - Identifying Preview
Onomatopoeia Preview
Past Tense - Ate or Eaten Preview
Past Tense - Bought or Brought Preview
Past Tense - Gave or Given Preview
Phonics - Digraphs (Consonant) Preview
Phonics - Digraphs (Vowel) Preview
Phonics - Graphemes (2, 3 and 4-letter) Preview
Phonics - Graphemes (2-letter) Preview
Phonics - Phonemes (Consonant and Vowel) Preview
Phonics - Phonemes (Consonant) Preview
Phonics - Split Digraphs Preview
Phonics - Tri Digraphs Preview
Poetry - Acrostic Poems Preview
Prepositions 1 Preview
Prepositions 2 Preview
Pronouns Preview
Proverbs Preview
Punctuation Preview
Question Marks Preview
Question Words Preview
Reading - Fairy Tales Characteristics Preview
Reading - Fairy Tales Characters Preview
Rhyming Words 1 Preview
Rhyming Words 2 Preview
Sentences - Completing Preview
Sentences - Openers Preview
Similes Preview
Speech Marks Preview
Syllables Preview
Synonyms 1 Preview
Synonyms 2 Preview
Tense - Adding 'ing' and 'ed' Preview
Verbs Preview
Verbs - Future Tense Preview
Verbs - Past Tense (Adding 'ed') Preview
Verbs - Past Tense (Irregular) 1 Preview
Verbs - Past Tense (Irregular) 2 Preview
Verbs - Past Tense (Irregular) 3 Preview
Verbs - Past Tense (Was, Were) Preview
Verbs - Present Tense Preview
Vocabulary - Occupations Preview
Vocabulary - Occupations (Missing Words) Preview
Word Order 1 Preview
Word Order 2 Preview
Word Patterns (Categories, Odd One Out) Preview
Writing - Colours Preview
Writing - Guess the Missing Letter Preview
Writing - Guess the Missing Letters Preview
Writing - Guess the Missing Sounds Preview
Writing - Guess the Missing Word Preview
Writing - Guess the Missing Words Preview
Writing - Numbers Preview
Young Animals Preview

Learning KS1 English: Words and Wordsmiths

Engaging KS1 English revision quizzes to teach students in Year 1 and Year 2

A good grasp of the English language can help students in every subject at school. It’s like having a good pair of trainers. You still have to do all the running, but they help out along the way.

With our quizzes, students can learn about punctuation, spelling, reading and grammar to help prepare them for their schooling life.

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We don't want to scare you, so we won't tell you that monsters will attack if a student doesn't know the difference between 'there', 'their' and 'they're' but we will say this - grammar matters! You've all heard how 'Let's eat, Grandma' becomes 'Let's eat Grandma' when you take out the comma* so you know how grammar can have a serious impact!

We've packed our quizzes with colour and illustrations. We're not silly, we know learning about grammar can send children to sleep faster than a book on stamp collecting, so we've made sure our quizzes pack a serious entertainment punch. Is it any surprise that children are likely to enjoy revising with our quizzes more than traditional SATS papers and worksheets? Nope! And all our material is part of the National Curriculum too, so you can rely on us to only give students the good stuff. There's no wishy-washy content here - we don't mess around! We want students to have fun and see the results of their work. Children in KS1 can enjoy introductions to subjects such as alphabet order, tenses, synonyms, antonyms and abbreviations.

Learning the basics of English now will act as every student's toolkit for the next stage in their education. Just replace the spanners with commas and the screwdrivers with full stops and you'll get the idea.

Pssst, parents. Do you correct your child's grammar? Try this Telegraph English Quiz to see if your English skills are as good as you think they are!

*No grandmas were harmed in the making of this example

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