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Friends and Neighbours - Cultures Of The British Isles Preview
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My Home - Types Of Houses Preview
Inside Sam's House - Parts Of The Home Preview
Around Sam's School - Parts Of A School Preview
Town and Country - Different Sized Settlements Preview
From The Countryside To The Big Cities - Urban And Rural Lives Preview
Where Sam Lives - Life In British Towns Preview
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Life In Cameroon Preview
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What Is The Weather Like? - Effects Of The Weather Preview
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A Watery Planet - Oceans, Lakes And Rivers Preview
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A Rocky Planet Preview
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At School And At Work - Jobs And Workplaces Preview
Jobs People Do Preview
Going Shopping Preview
Ships and Boats Preview
Farming and Food Preview
A Plan Of The World Preview
Using Maps Preview
How Would You Find Out? - Sources Of Information Preview
Asking Questions In Geography Preview
What Is It? - Grouping Things On Maps Preview
Sam Makes A Map Preview
Where Would You Find? - Famous World Landmarks Preview
Finding Your Way - Compasses And Maps Preview
Where Is It? - Following Directions Preview
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Getting About - Transport Preview
Using Landmarks To Find Your Way Preview
How Things Change Preview
Change Over Time Preview

Education-Quizzes-Magnifying-Globe Learning KS1 Geography: Around the World in 50 Quizzes

(Engaging KS1 Geography revision quizzes to teach students in Year 1 and Year 2)

Villages, towns, countries, continents - there's so much to learn!

Students can enjoy our whizz-fizzing, spectacular quizzes on Geography and understand all about the world they live in. They'll learn an incredible amount about where they live and where other people live too.

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From all the different countries, the various seas and not to forget all the different types of weather, once students have grasped Geography they'll be able to look at the world in an entirely new way. Hold our hats, this is going to be an exciting ride!

Of course, all 50 of our quizzes are built on content from the National Curriculum. Don't worry - we know our stuff! It's no good teaching students about the lifestyle and culture of Western Bhutan if they're never going to cover it in school. So we stick to what they need to know. But we do like to shake things up a bit, so while we do follow the curriculum, our quizzes are far from boring. Colours, illustrations - we've even thrown in the odd picture quiz! Anything to keep those bright minds focussed!

By learning all about the country they live in and all the other places in the world, children in KS1 will be able to appreciate the differences in culture, weather and lifestyle. It'll be an intriguing time for them as they, the little explorers, will begin to uncover a treasure trove of information all about the bigger world.

Unfold their discovery maps and open their curious eyes into the wide world of Geography. They'll be captivated by the exciting stuff they find out and students can get started with our quizzes today.

A note to parents: Bonus points if you manage to get your children to complete our Geography quizzes wearing explorer hats. We would love that. A lot.

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