Finding Your Way - Compasses And Maps

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at the points of a compass and how they relate to maps, globes and the real world. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

Have you ever used a compass to find your way? Do you know the four points of the compass? Which way is north? Where does the sun rise? These are some of the questions you might be asked in geography. Maps help you find your way around the world. But you have to know that north is always at the top of the map. In this quiz we find out a little bit more about maps and how to use them.

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Do you know the points on a compass? Can you use them to help you to use maps and also in the real world?

  1. Manchester is in the _________ of England.
    London is in the south-east of England. Plymouth is in south-west England. Newcastle is in north-east England
  2. Sam is looking at a globe. Where is the North Pole?
    Can you find the North Pole on a globe?
  3. Which bit of a map is north?
    The tops of maps always point north
  4. Which direction on a map is west?
    So, which direction on a map is east?
  5. Sam is looking at a globe. He wants to find Australia. Where on the globe should he look?
    Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere
  6. Which direction lies between north and west?
    So, which direction lies between south and east?
  7. Where does the sun set?
    What big island lies to the west of Great Britain? - Ireland
  8. Sam wants to know which direction is north. His Dad goes outside with Sam. They use a _______ to find out which way is north.
    Have you ever used a compass?
  9. Where is south on a map?
    Which country lies south of Great Britain, across the English Channel? - France
  10. Where does the sun rise?
    Which sea lies to the east of the British Isles? - The North Sea. Oh, dear, that is confusing, but it’s true!

Author: David Bland

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