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Education-Quizzes-Castle Learning KS1 History: Important People and Events

(Fun KS1 History revision quizzes to teach students in Year 1 and Year 2)

There's no other way to say it: History is brilliant. It's fascinating and enthralling and loads of other long words.

It’s a big record of the people who came before us and the impact they had on the world and that's almost as interesting as it gets! And it's not just a boring list of stuff that happened - there are gruesome battles, shocking feuds and enough drama to rival a Shakespeare play!

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Children will love playing our quizzes because they capture the National Curriculum in a fun and engaging way. Students can enjoy over 50 quizzes covering various periods in History. We think they'll love learning all about famous world leaders and how things like entertainment has changed over the years. What's even more interesting is some students can think about whether any of their great-great-great grandads and grandmas were affected by significant historical events, like The Great Fire of London or any of the World Wars.

It's simple. Any KS1 student can travel back in time* with our History quizzes and learn about plagues, wars, historical buildings and more. With a knowledge of history, students can appreciate how much work and time has taken to get to where we are now. It might even give them some ideas about what impact they'd like to make on the world!

We can't wait for students to get stuck in and learn all about the fascinating people and events that came before them. There's always more to learn, so by starting now and revising the basics, students can look forward to learning even more as they progress through school.

Calling all Curious Christophers and Intrigued Isobels. We’re about to discover what our world was really like years and years ago.

Ready to delve into the past? Let’s go!

*Not literally. Our time-travel machine is broken. Please check back in future.

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Deb Sharratt

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