2D Shapes Play for free
3D Shapes Play for free
Addition Play for free
Addition and Subtraction Language Preview
Counting Forwards and Backwards Preview
Counting in Fives Preview
Counting in Tens Preview
Counting in Twos Preview
Counting on from a Given Number Preview
Days of the Week Preview
Division and Sharing Preview
Finding Halves Preview
Finding Quarters Preview
First, Second, Third - Ordinal Numbers Preview
Heavy or Light? - Problems of Mass and Weight Preview
How Much in Total? Preview
Longer or Shorter? - Problems of Length and Height Preview
Missing Numbers Preview
Months of the Year Preview
More Than, Less Than Preview
Most, Fewest and Least Preview
Multiplication Using Arrays Preview
Number Bonds to 20 Preview
Number Lines Preview
Number Patterns Preview
Odd or Even Preview
One More, One Less Preview
Picture Problems Preview
Reading Numbers in Words Preview
Shapes in Real Life Preview
Subtraction Preview
Telling the Time Preview
The Value of Money Preview
Time: Hours, Minutes or Seconds Preview
Time: Quickly or Slowly? - Practical Problems of Time Preview
Weighing and Measuring - Mass and Weight Preview
What Number Next? - Recognising and Extending Number Patterns Preview
Which Direction? - Position Direction and Motion Preview
Which Symbol Should We Use? - Addition, Subtraction and Equals Signs Preview
Working Out Capacity Preview
Adding and Subtracting One-Digit Numbers from Two-Digit Numbers Preview
Adding and Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers Preview
Adding in a Different Order Preview
Addition and Subtraction Facts to 100 Preview
Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20 Preview
Addition Problems Preview
Calculate the Total - Adding Numbers Preview
Check Multiplication with Division - Using Division Facts Preview
Checking Calculations with Inverse Operations Preview
Choosing the Right Units of Measurement Preview
Compare and Sort Everyday Shapes Preview
Comparing Categorical Data Preview
Count up in Fractions Preview
Counting in Threes Preview
Data Handling Preview
Describe 2D Shapes Preview
Describe 3D Shapes Preview
Different Coins, Same Total Preview
Equivalent Fractions Preview
Estimating Measurements - Choosing Appropriate Units Preview
Fractions of Length Preview
Fractions of Numbers Preview
Fractions of Shapes Preview
Giving Change - Problems on Addition and Subtraction of Money Preview
How Heavy is it? - Using Standard Units to Measure Mass Preview
How Long is it? - Using Standard Units to Measure Length and Height Preview
How Much Money? - Recognising Pounds and Pence Preview
How Much will it Hold? - Using Standard Units to Measure Capacity Preview
Mental Methods for Division Preview
Mental Methods for Multiplication Preview
Money Problems Preview
Money Values Preview
More Odd or Even Preview
Moving and Turning Preview
Multiplication and Division Problems Preview
Multiply in Any Order Preview
Multiplying and Dividing by 10 Preview
Multiplying and Dividing by 2 Preview
Multiplying and Dividing by 5 Preview
Numbers on a Number Line - Counting on from any Given Number Preview
Ordering Numbers up to 100 Preview
Partitioning Numbers Preview
Patterns and Sequences Preview
Place Value - Comparing Numbers Preview
Place Value Problem Solving Preview
Reading Numbers to 100 Preview
Subtraction Problems Preview
Telling the Time to 5 Minutes Preview
The Language of Addition Preview
The Language of Shapes Preview
The Language of Subtraction Preview
Time Problems - Telling the Time and Understanding its Units Preview
Units of Time - Comparing and Sequencing Intervals of Time Preview
Use Addition to Check Subtraction - Counting on from any Given Number Preview
Using Data to Answer Questions Preview
Using Facts to Solve Missing Number Problems Preview
Using Symmetry - Properties of 2D Shapes Preview
What Time Is It? - Telling the Time to the Quarter Hour Preview
What Time Will It Be? - Number of Minutes in an Hour Preview
What's the Temperature? Preview
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Education-Quizzes-Maths-Questions Learning KS1 Maths: Numbers and Solutions

(Fun KS1 Maths revision quizzes to teach students in Year 1 and Year 2)

Don't worry, we know maths can be a bit of a sore spot for some students. Mathematics is just so different to everything else they learn at school. It's no wonder sometimes they need a little extra encouragement. Worry not. We're on hand with over 100 Maths quizzes for KS1 students to enjoy.

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Whether it's number lines, odd and even numbers or simply counting correctly, students can learn lots about maths in an easy and enjoyable learning environment.

Yep, that's right, we make maths enjoyable. We're not fibbing, we promise! Mathematics might be one of the trickier subjects for some students (or easier, for those who love numbers) but either way, our quizzes are fun and engaging. We take all the National Curriculum material and pop it into easy-to-digest quizzes that are enjoyable enough to keep students focussed but also challenge them. Hooray for non-complicated revision!

And you already know maths is important. Not only is it likely there will be class tests but students in Primary schools will also have to sit SATS tests with a maths paper. But don't worry, there's plenty of time to prepare! We've got revision covered. The Maths SATS consist of two separate papers: 'Arithmetic' and 'Problem Solving and Reasoning'. The good news? We tackle both areas in the quizzes, meaning revision doesn't have to be dull and tiresome! Phew.

It's not just about school and tests either. Basic maths is important for everyday life! People use maths a lot, even if they don't work as a mathematician or a maths teacher. Simple things like adding up the cost of shopping, or maybe working out how much money to tip the waitress, all involve maths. It might even mean working out how many week's pocket money it'll take to buy that new game...

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