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Education-Quizzes-Girl-Covered-In-PaintLearning KS1 Religious Education: Fun and Fascinating

(Enjoyable KS1 revision quizzes to teach RE to Year 1 and Year 2 students)

Diversity is fascinating!

Students can discover the interesting ways of the world with our KS1 Religious Studies quizzes, where they’ll learn about different religions, symbols and the special days people celebrate. Not religious? That's fine too! We teach for the purpose of education and we think students will find our marvellous quizzes as interesting as we do.

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Whether they need an overview of Judaism or want to know more about Christianity, our religious quizzes are packed with important facts about different beliefs. They’re just brimming with knowledge. They’re basically the Mary Poppins’ handbags of the education world.

Students will benefit in so many ways when they study RE. We all come across different people in our lives (it’s what makes it interesting!) and it's great to understand different religions to be better informed and respectful. Now, you might notice that most topics at school teach students about the world and how it works. Religious Education is important because it teaches students about a crucial part of life - people! Studying religion can also help students to have a better cultural understanding in other subjects, such as Geography and Art, where religion is often an influence. Just think of it as another vital building block in every child’s education.

Don't forget, we teach all this National Curriculum material through our quizzes. They’re so fun, students will be saying 'please, just let me play one more!'. We bet that doesn’t normally happen during homework! Another great benefit is our quizzes can be played from almost anywhere. Students can revise RE from the sofa, at the computer, or even in the car. We know what active lives you all lead - you impressive buzzy bees - so we make it easy to access our material.

We've got tonnes of interesting facts awaiting curious students. Our bright and colourful quizzes will teach students about everything from biblical characters to religious objects. They’ll be amazed at what they learn!

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