Animals - Babies Play for free
Animals - Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores Play for free
Animals - Growing and Getting Taller Play for free
Animals - Growth from Babies to Adults Preview
Animals - Human Development Preview
Animals - Identifying Some Common Animals Preview
Animals - Life Cycle of a Butterfly Preview
Animals - Life Cycle of a Frog Preview
Animals - Moving by Flying, Swimming and Walking Preview
Animals - Parts of Animal Bodies Preview
Animals - Parts of the Human Body Preview
Animals - Pet Care Preview
Animals - Pets (Identifying) Preview
Animals - Senses Preview
Animals - What Do They Need To Live And Grow? Preview
Energy - Electricity and Safety at Home Preview
Energy - Electricity, Bulbs and Batteries Preview
Energy - Hot And Cold Preview
Energy - Light and Shadows Preview
Energy - Light Sources Preview
Energy - Light, Colours and Rainbows Preview
Energy - Lights, Electricity and Heating Preview
Energy - Senses Preview
Energy - Sound of Animal, Machine and Music Preview
Energy - Sound of Musical Instruments Preview
Energy - Sound, Loudness and Pitch Preview
Forces - Changing Shape Preview
Forces - Elasticity in Rubber Bands Preview
Forces - Friction and Gravity Preview
Forces - Inflation of Balloons Preview
Forces - Machines Preview
Forces - Magnets Preview
Forces - Movement and Motion Preview
Forces - Movement and Speed Preview
Forces - Pushing And Pulling Preview
Investigating - Asking Questions Preview
Investigating - Changes over Time Preview
Investigating - Drawing Conclusions from Data Preview
Investigating - Experiments and Results Preview
Investigating - Finding Answers Preview
Investigating - Grouping and Classifying Preview
Investigating - Minibeasts Preview
Investigating - My Results Preview
Investigating - Observation Skills Preview
Investigating - Recording Results Preview
Investigating - Results Data Preview
Investigating - Simple Tests Preview
Investigating - Using Measuring Instruments Preview
Investigating - Whose Plant Will Grow Best? Preview
Living Things - Animal Habitats Preview
Living Things - Animal Or Plant? Preview
Living Things - Food Sources Preview
Living Things - Grouping and Classifying Preview
Living Things - Habitats of Well-Known Animals Preview
Living Things - How Animals and Plants Depend on Each Other Preview
Living Things - Is It Alive? Preview
Living Things - Living, Non-Living or Dead Preview
Living Things - Minibeasts and Micro-Habitats Preview
Living Things - Woodland Habitat Preview
Materials - All About Objects Preview
Materials - Changing Things Preview
Materials - Choosing the Right Material Preview
Materials - Common Materials Preview
Materials - Different Materials for Different Jobs Preview
Materials - Grouping by Common Properties Preview
Materials - Metal and Non-Metal Preview
Materials - Natural and Manmade Products Preview
Materials - Properties (Describing) Preview
Materials - Properties (Investigating) Preview
Materials - Rough And Smooth Preview
Materials - Solids, Liquids And Gases Preview
Materials - Testing the Properties Preview
Materials - Weak And Strong Preview
Plants - Farming Preview
Plants - Flowering Plants Preview
Plants - Flowers Preview
Plants - Food From Them Preview
Plants - Growing and Caring for Plants Preview
Plants - Identifying Well-Known Plants Preview
Plants - Seeds And Bulbs Preview
Plants - Tree Growth Preview
Plants - Trees Preview
Plants - What Makes Them Grow? Preview
Seasons And Weather - Autumn, Winter, Spring And Summer Preview
Seasons And Weather - Day And Night Preview
Seasons And Weather - Length of Day Preview
Seasons And Weather - Our Sun Preview
Seasons And Weather - Recording The Weather Preview
Seasons And Weather - The Changing Seasons Preview
Seasons And Weather - Types Of Weather Preview
Seasons And Weather - Weather Diary Preview
Staying Healthy - Bugs Preview
Staying Healthy - Colds and Flu Preview
Staying Healthy - Environment Preview
Staying Healthy - Exercise Preview
Staying Healthy - Food (Balanced Diet) Preview
Staying Healthy - Food (Correct Amounts) Preview
Staying Healthy - Food (Sources) Preview
Staying Healthy - Recycling Preview
Staying Healthy - Washing And Bathing Preview

Education-Quizzes-Boy-With-Chemical-BeakersLearning KS1 Science: Planets, Plants and Ladybirds

(Enjoyable KS1 Science revision quizzes to teach students in Year 1 and Year 2)

Children are great at being curious. It's probably one of their top skills (after running really fast and doing cartwheels, of course). That's why Science is such a fascinating subject for children in KS1. At this age, they have an innate desire to find out how things works. Children will ask why the sea is blue and why ladybirds have spots because they just want to soak up all the knowledge in the world!

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Whether students are interested in animals, energy, plants or the weather, our quizzes will feed their knowledge and expand their scientific minds. Natural curiosity is brilliant (unless you’re licking lampposts to see what they taste like, yuck) and we try to make sure students use their natural curiosity in the best way possible.

We take all the core material from the KS1 National Curriculum and whizz it up into Science quizzes that provide a fantastic learning experience for students. They can wave goodbye to boring books (yawn!) and enjoy a new way to learn and revise Science! We're visual too - we have 100 picture quizzes, ready to help bright minds learn more about the world we live in.

Students with a good grasp on science can look forward to learning even more at the next stage in their education. By learning and revising all the core facts in KS1, students can be super prepared for more scientific discoveries later on.

So, to any little Einsteins who have big ideas, or to anyone curious about the world and how it works - from the biggest planets to the smallest insects - try our science quizzes and discover how amazing the world is!

Parents! Want to see how much you remember about science? Try this science quiz from Christian Science Monitor to test your knowledge. Put the kettle on and prepare yourself - there are 50 questions to answer!

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