This KS2 English quiz takes a look at negatives. Negative words are the opposite of positive words. Won't, can't, shouldn't, mustn't, don't, no, no, no! These are all such negative words. See if you can turn positive statements and questions into negatives.

Learning how to turn round a statement or question will improve your all-round English language skills and make you a better writer. It will also enhance your vocabulary.

This quiz will help you learn which negative word matches the opposite positive word. Try this English quiz and make sure to be negative!

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  1. Make the sentence negative.
    Was there a parcel in the post for me today?
    Sometimes reading the answers aloud will help you choose the correct one.
  2. Make the sentence negative.
    Someone ate my cake!
    'No one ate my cake!' also works as a negative of this statement.
  3. Make the sentence negative.
    She should wear sensible shoes for P.E.
    'Should' becomes 'shouldn't'.
  4. Make the sentence negative.
    I saw him just a minute ago.
    Notice the change of 'saw' to 'see'.
  5. Make the sentence negative.
    The house fell down.
    'Fell' becomes 'did not fall'.
  6. Make the sentence negative.
    The dog is gnawing its bone.
    'Is' becomes 'is not'.
  7. Make the sentence negative.
    Has she seen my cat?
    If it's a question, then it must remain a question.
  8. Make the sentence negative.
    Did you go anywhere for your holiday?
    Don't forget the question mark.
  9. Make the sentence negative.
    Does anything make you happy?
    Read all four choices first before picking one.
  10. Make the sentence negative.
    We can play rounders later on.
    'Won't' is negative, but it does not match the sentence. 'Won't' is the negative of 'will'.

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