This KS2 English quiz takes a look at rhyme. Rhyme is words that sound the same when spoken out loud. Have you ever been told that there's no rhyme for the word 'orange'? That's almost true. The only perfect rhyme for 'orange' is 'sporange' - and probably no one besides a botanist would know what that word means (it's part of a fern)!

If you have a little time
Try our quiz about rhyme!

Rhyme is a useful tool for helping young children to learn new words. It's also used extensively in poetry - although not all poems rhyme (or have to).

See if you can match the rhyming words in this English quiz.

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  1. Which word does NOT rhyme with 'out'?
    'Caught' and 'taught' rhyme with 'thought', but 'out' does not.
  2. Which of the following word rhymes with 'horse'?
    Other words which rhyme with 'horse' are: gorse, force and sauce.
  3. Find a rhyme for 'through'.
    Queue, new, drew and flew also rhyme with 'through'.
  4. Which of the following words rhymes with 'sound'?
    Other words that rhyme with 'sound' include: around, found, ground and hound.
  5. 'Home' rhymes with .......
    It may not look as though it rhymes, but if you say 'comb' and 'home' aloud, you will hear that the two words do rhyme. This is because you don't pronounce the 'b' in 'comb'.
  6. 'Square' rhymes with .......
    Other words which rhyme with 'square' include: share, mare, hair and wear.
  7. This word rhymes with 'still'.
    Other words which rhyme with 'still' include: hill, bill, drill and krill.
  8. Find a word to rhyme with 'splatter'.
    Other words which rhyme with 'splatter' include: flatter, batter, natter and platter.
  9. Which word does NOT rhyme with 'house'?
    Although it has the same spelling pattern as the other words, the 's' in 'arouse' makes the sound we think of as 'z'.
  10. Choose the word which rhymes with 'telling'.
    'Telling' also rhymes with: felling, smelling, welling and gelling.

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