Addition and Subtraction (Year 3) Play for free
Addition and Subtraction (Year 4) Play for free
Addition and Subtraction (Year 5) Play for free
Addition and Subtraction (Year 6) Preview
Compare and Order Numbers (Year 4) Preview
Compare and Order Numbers (Year 5) Preview
Decimal Numbers (Year 4) Preview
Decimal Numbers (Year 5) Preview
Decimal Numbers (Year 6) Preview
Fractions (Year 3) Preview
Fractions (Year 4) Preview
Fractions (Year 5) Preview
Fractions (Year 6) Preview
Handling Data (Year 4) Preview
Handling Data (Year 6) Preview
Measures (Year 3) Preview
Measures (Year 4) Preview
Measures (Year 5) Preview
Measures (Year 6) Preview
Multiples (Year 3) Preview
Multiples (Year 4) Preview
Multiplication and Division (Year 3) Preview
Multiplication and Division (Year 4) Preview
Multiplication and Division (Year 5) Preview
Multiplication and Division (Year 6) Preview
Negative Numbers (Year 5) Preview
Negative Numbers (Year 6) Preview
Number Sequences (Year 3) Preview
Number Sequences (Year 4) Preview
Number Sequences (Year 5) Preview
Number Sequences (Year 6) Preview
Percentages (Year 5) Preview
Percentages (Year 6) Preview
Perimeter and Area (Year 4) Preview
Perimeter and Area (Year 5) Preview
Perimeter and Area (Year 6) Preview
Place Value (Year 3) Preview
Place Value (Year 4) Preview
Place Value (Year 5) Preview
Place Value (Year 6) Preview
Position (Year 3) Preview
Position (Year 4) Preview
Position (Year 5) Preview
Position (Year 6) Preview
Properties of Numbers (Year 5) Preview
Properties of Numbers (Year 6) Preview
Ratio (Year 5) Preview
Ratio (Year 6) Preview
Rounding Numbers (Year 3/4) Preview
Rounding Numbers (Year 5/6) Preview
Shapes (Year 3) Preview
Shapes (Year 4) Preview
Shapes (Year 5) Preview
Shapes (Year 6) Preview
Solving Problems (Year 3) Preview
Solving Problems (Year 4) Preview
Solving Problems (Year 5) Preview
Solving Problems (Year 6) Preview
Solving Problems - Money (Year 3) Preview
Solving Problems - Money (Year 4) Preview
Solving Problems - Money (Year 5) Preview
Solving Problems - Money (Year 6) Preview
Time (Year 3) Preview
Time (Year 4) Preview
Time (Year 5) Preview
Time (Year 6) Preview
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Education-Quizzes-Addition-SumLearning KS2 Maths: Numbers and Solutions

(Fun KS2 Maths revision quizzes to teach students in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6)

KS2 means stepping the game up in mathematics.

You’ve already said a cheery hello to addition, number lines and multiplication. Now it’s time to get stuck in with fractions, shapes, perimeters and other mathematically-spectacular topics. KS2 students can refine their skills to achieve the much-desired Mathematical Whizz Kid status.

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We think anyone who makes it through all our KS2 quizzes on maths deserves a little ‘hip hip hooray’ (we would pull party poppers too if we could!).

We won’t lie to you - it’s not all ice cream and sprinkles down there in the quiz section. Some of this stuff gets tricky. Really tricky. Sometimes you’ll be scratching your head like the ponderer you are, trying to digest all the new information and wondering if you’ll ever be able to figure out percentages or ratios. And then it will happen. You’ll shout ‘Eureka!’, you’ll jump from your chair so high you’ll almost hit the roof and everything in your brain will slot nicely into place. That’s the magic in maths and we’ve designed our quizzes to try to make that happen as often as possible.

We’ll provide helpful explanations after each incorrect answer to let you know where you went wrong and (most importantly) teach you how to get the right answer next time.

Maths in the classroom is a little pernickety. (Do you like that word, pernickety? We love it. What a great word.) In a single lesson, maths can go from simple to mind-bogglingly complicated. That’s where we step in. If you come out of maths classes a little bit confused, or not entirely sure if you were doing it right, we’ll be here to act as a revision tool to go over what you’ve covered. We include the key nuggets from the National Curriculum, so we know what to teach you!

We’re training the next generation of Mathematical Whizz Kids.

We know you’re smart cookies.

Let’s see who’s the smartest cookie in the box.

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Have Fun with KS2 Maths

Maths does not have to be boring! Watch the video to see how you can learn by playing quizzes.

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