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Education-Quizzes-Curious-GirlLearning KS2 Science: Life, Energy and Skeletons

(Enjoyable KS2 Science revision quizzes to teach students in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6)

You’ve been a scientist since you were born.

Right from a young age you were asking ‘how’ and ‘why’ things work - and that’s just what the top scientists do! Science is perhaps one of the most interesting topics you can study at school.

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You’ll come away from each lesson amazed at what you’ve learnt, so let’s keep that curiosity fresh with engaging revision quizzes, ready to test you and teach you.

Are you curious to learn more about the planets? Perhaps you want to understand the circulatory system. Maybe you’re a budding expert on conductors. Whatever makes you wonder, Science will have a topic that will intrigue you.

We don’t like to brag (we do really) but we’re pretty intelligent Science Smarty Pants ourselves. So smart, in fact, that we’ve taken all the core material from the KS2 National Curriculum and turned it into our fantabulous Science quizzes that are yawn-proof for even the most easily bored students. Sounds good? Our bright and colourful quizzes will keep you entertained through a tornado of fascinating facts - from microorganisms to habitats, forces and energy to skeletons; you’ll be astounded by the amount of knowledge you’ll absorb (another science term, we’re on fire!). The curriculum for Science is vast and we know you want to learn it all. That’s why we pack big ideas into quick fire questions, ready for you to play over and over again.

We’d like to invite all budding Einsteins and anyone who’s curious about how the big - and small - things in life work. We’re going on a quest to discover the mysteries of the world and uncover how our complex planet works, from the biggest of galaxies, right down to tiny cells in a plant.

This is life. Are you excited? You should be.

Your world is waiting!

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KS2 Science Introduction

Play the video to see how Education Quizzes can help you with your science revision and have some fun at the same time!

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Nyomi Nomipalony
"The quizzes being on the computer or Ipad really help with this as the photos help contextualise it for Arlo and him doing ‘grown up’ work on the laptop/Ipad adds to the novelty of it for him."
Nyomi Nomipalony

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