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Learning KS3 Art and Design: Create and Innovate

(Fun KS3 Art and Design revision quizzes to teach students in Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9)

Art and Design isn’t all about throwing paint at a canvas and naming it after your cat (although we kinda wish it was).

As you progress through KS3, you’ll quickly realise Art and Design is there to teach you about being creative and all about the mind-blowingly impressive work that came before you.

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And hey, you may well be the next Da Vinci but until then, we need to study the actual Da Vinci. Sorry about that.

So, what kind of Art and Design stuff are you going to learn in KS3 throughout Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9? We’re glad you asked, Oh Enthusiastic One.

Listen up, budding artists and aspiring designers. Here’s what’s going to happen…

First, you’re going to be taught how to explore your ideas and plan your projects. You’ll look at how you can experiment with different techniques and materials and eventually you’ll progress onto the more academic stuff, like evaluating your own work. This means you’ll need an understanding of the terms thrown around in Art and Design, along with knowledge of historical artistic movements and the influence they had on the world.


See, we told you there’s a lot to it!

Thankfully, we have a way to teach you all this stuff without sending you into a deep and lengthy sleep. Call us geniuses, call us magicians. Either way, we’ll feed all this impressive Art and Design knowledge into your brain in a way that - get this - you’ll actually enjoy!

Yep. That’s right. We’ve quizzified your education. We’ve taken all the core bits from the National Curriculum and thrown them into engaging and enjoyable (yes, really!) quizzes.

Brush up on your knowledge on everything from Ancient Greece to 1960s Pop Art. Sharpen your organisational skills and improve your understanding of drawing, painting and sculpting.

Creative caps on, it’s about to get messy.

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