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Learning KS3 Maths Tables: A Numbers Game

(Fun KS3 Maths Tables revision quizzes to teach students in Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9)

KS3 Maths Tables are a breeze! Well, they are once you know them. Until you know them, they’re a bit of a pain really.

Regular Maths will teach you all about numbers, shapes and more. Maths Tables will teach you different Times Tables sums until you know them by heart.

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They might be less complicated than regular Maths, but there’s still a lot to learn.

How can you master the required Maths Tables in KS3? Easy peasy. You can learn your 2 Times Tables up to your 10 Times Tables (which are the ones you need in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9) with our straight-forward quizzes.

Listen up, Maths Tables Whizz Kids, here’s what we’re going to do.

To start with, have a go at the 2 Times Tables.

Nice and easy, right?

Steadily work your way up through our quizzes until you reach one that has some questions you can’t quite get right. The trick here is to practise over and over again. The great thing about our quizzes is that we let you take them as many times as you want (we’re like an unlimited lemonade machine when you go to a pizza restaurant). Keep moving through each Times Tables quiz and make sure you master the one you’re on, before you move onto the next.

Struggling to remember it all?

Don’t worry, some of the cleverest people we know took some time learning their Maths Tables by heart. It’s tricky stuff, but we like to challenge you and keep those bright minds active.

You might have noticed we include Maths Tables all the way up to the 20 Times Tables! Don’t worry, what we said earlier is still true - you only need to know up to your 10 Times Tables according to the National Curriculum. But we thought we would throw them in there for any keen beans who want to try their luck at some trickier sums.

The challenge has been set. How many Times Tables can you learn?

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We Know Maths Tables are Boring but...

You know you have to learn them. We can't promise to make them greatly entertaining but we can help you learn them quickly!
Author: Frank Evans

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