The 13 Times Table

39, 78 and 208 are some of the answers in the 13 times table. "I've dealt with numbers all my life, of course, and after a while you begin to feel that each number has a personality of its own. A twelve is very different from a thirteen, for example. Twelve is upright, conscientious, intelligent, whereas thirteen is a loner, a shady character who won't think twice about breaking the law to get what he wants..." ~ Paul Auster, The Music of Chance

Practise, practise and more practise!

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  1. What is 6 x 13
  2. What is 4 x 13
  3. What is 8 x 13
  4. What is 14 x 13
  5. What is 17 x 13
  6. What is 10 x 13
  7. What is 3 x 13
  8. What is 16 x 13
  9. What is 13 x 13
  10. What is 20 x 13

Author: Frank Evans

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