Acids and Alkalis 01 Play for free
Adaptation of Animals and Plants 01 Play for free
Atoms and Elements 01 Play for free
Atoms and Elements 02 Preview
Atoms and Elements 03 Preview
Atoms and Elements 04 Preview
Cells 01 Preview
Circulatory System 01 Preview
Circulatory System 02 Preview
Compounds 01 Preview
Digestion 01 Preview
Digestion 02 Preview
Electrical Circuits 01 Preview
Electrical Circuits 02 Preview
Electromagnets 01 Preview
Energy Resources 01 Preview
Energy Transfers 01 Preview
Energy Types 01 Preview
Food 01 Preview
Food Chains and Webs 01 Preview
Forces 01 Preview
Health 01 Preview
Health 02 Preview
Light 01 Preview
Light 02 Preview
Magnets 01 Preview
Metals and Non-metals 01 Preview
Mixtures 01 Preview
Moments 01 Preview
Plant Organs 01 Preview
Pressure 01 Preview
Pressure 02 Preview
Pressure 03 Preview
Reactions of Metals 01 Preview
Reactions, Equations and Formulae 01 Preview
Reproduction 01 Preview
Reproduction 02 Preview
Respiration 01 Preview
Respiration 02 Preview
Skeleton, Joints and Muscles 01 Preview
Soil and Rocks 01 Preview
Solar System 01 Preview
Solar System 02 Preview
Solids Liquids and Gases 01 Preview
Sound 01 Preview
Speed 01 Preview
Speed 02 Preview
Speed 03 Preview
Variation and Classification 01 Preview
Variation and Classification 02 Preview

Learning KS3 Science: Atoms, Elements and Energy

(Fun KS3 Science revision quizzes to teach students in Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9)

Science is how the world goes around. Or rather, it’s the study of how the world goes around. Whether it’s the littlest bug (let’s call him Jerry, that sounds like a little bug’s name) or the biggest solar system, through observation and experiment, Science aims to explain the unexplainable.

In KS3, you’ll notice the stuff you tackle is a little bit trickier.

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You’re older now. Wiser, too. That means it’s less of the simple stuff and more into the intricate - and amazing! - avenues of Science. Take Jerry for example (the little bug from earlier, remember?), well he’s made up of atoms. And the plant that Jerry sits on? That plant has organs. There’s so much to discover in Science, and we’re going to take you through the key topics on the National Curriculum.

Curious to know what KS3 Science will cover? There are plenty of topics to get you through Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. Here’s an idea of what you’ll be looking at...

From studying acids and alkalis to plants, forces and metals, you’ll always have a fresh challenge. We teach Science Buffs like you all about food chains, electricity, pressure, reactions and more! Learning Science is a non-stop, whizz-tacular ride and we can’t wait to show you what exciting stuff we’ve got to share.

Our quizzes make sure Science is never dull. We know you like to learn quickly and we keep up with fast-paced quizzes that will test you in all areas. The best part? Our quizzes can be completed anywhere! Whether you’re lounging on your sofa, sitting at the dining table or at your desk, our quizzes are on hand to introduce you to all corners of Science.

Science gives you the opportunity to learn more about our brilliant planet and everything on it. Scientists never stop asking questions and we’re excited to show you what they’ve uncovered so far.

Magnifying glasses at the ready. We’re about to discover great things.

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KS3 Science Introduction

Science should be fun! Watch the video to see the fascinating subjects you will be learning about in this series of quizzes

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