Birds of a Feather 1

In this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz you will be doing a little bird watching. If you are an avid birdwatcher then you will know a lot about birds. Birds are fascinating and very entertaining. If you watch them long enough, you will even begin to see their personalities. Since we co-exist with them so well, it is fun to get to know them in both English and Spanish. Therefore, for this quick picture review quiz (with a second quiz to follow), you will be testing your ability to remember birds and items associated with birds in your second language of Spanish. The English words have been capitalized for you. See how quickly you can locate the Spanish translation. After all, birds of a feather stick together!

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  1. Can you see the little WOODPECKER peeking at you?
    The Spanish word for woodpecker is pájaro carpintero. In other words, a carpenter bird.
  2. SWANS are extremely graceful.
    The Spanish word for swans is cisnes. It is a completely different word from the English word and it contains NO accents.
  3. Did you know that ROADRUNNERS can run as fast as 20 miles an hour?
    The Spanish word for roadrunners is correcaminos.
  4. If you know your birds, then you will recognize these as QUAIL eggs.
    The Spanish word for quail is codorniz. There are no accent marks in the word.
  5. Now that is definitely a proud PEACOCK!
    The Spanish word for peacock is pavo real. There are no accent marks.
  6. These hungry little babies are waiting in the NEST for some dinner.
    The Spanish word for nest is nido.
  7. Here you have a HAWK in training.
    The Spanish word for hawk is halcón. This is an accent mark over the 'o'.
  8. Who doesn’t love a FEATHER pillow fight!
    The Spanish word for feather is pluma.
  9. Make sure you get the right CAGE for the right bird.
    The Spanish word for cage is jaula.
  10. It looks like one PARROT is not speaking to the other.
    The Spanish word for parrot is papagayo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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