Birds of a Feather 2

In this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz you will be once again doing a little bird watching by continuing on with the theme of birds of a feather that was begun in the Spanish Difficult picture review quiz titled Birds of a Feather 1.

For this quick moving quiz we will once again be looking to find the Spanish word for certain birds and/or for items that are related to birds. As you look at the pictures you might notice that birds can have different appearances depending upon their habitat. Although a bird may be called a blackbird, there are many different varieties of blackbirds. Therefore, this quiz will also help you to see the different varieties of birds that exist within a category of birds. Remember, your task is to see how quickly you can locate the Spanish translation of the capitalized English word. Now, let’s ruffle some feathers!

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  1. Did you know that only the male CARDINAL is red as the female is brown?
    The Spanish word for cardinal is cardenal. There is no accent mark.
  2. VULTURES are always on the look-out for dying prey.
    The Spanish word for vultures is buitres.
  3. It appears that CRANES are not the most graceful flying birds.
    The Spanish word for cranes is grullas. This is no accent mark.
  4. Here you have a less known type of ROBIN but it still has the rust, sometimes reddish spot on its breast.
    As you can see, there is a big difference between the English name and the Spanish name when it comes to the robin. The Spanish word for robin is petirrojo. There is no accent mark.
  5. A MACAW belongs in the parrot family except it has a longer tail.
    This might be a little tricky as the English and Spanish words for this bird are quite different. The Spanish word for macaw is guacamayo.
  6. FINCHES come in all kinds of colors and this one looks very formal.
    The Spanish word for finches is pinzones.
  7. I think the PHEASANT believes that he can’t be seen.
    The Spanish word for pheasant is faisán.
  8. If you have ever owned a PARAKEET you know they can bring you hours of delightful entertainment.
    The Spanish word for parakeet is perico.
  9. PENGUINS are great swimmers but they can’t fly at all.
    The Spanish word for penguins is pingüino. Notice the two little dots above the 'u'. This is another, though more rare type, of accent mark that you may come across in Spanish words from time to time..
  10. This wonderful and exotic looking flower is known as the BIRD of Paradise. Possibly because it appears to be in flight.
    The Spanish word for bird is pájaro. Notice that it contains an accent mark above the first 'a'.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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