Car Bingo

In this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz you will get the chance to play a game of car bingo! This quick goes right along with the academic quiz that was titled Playing Car Bingo. For those of you who might not be familiar with the game, it is played very much the same way as the game of Bingo only, instead of marking out a called out number, you mark out items you see along the way on a car ride.

Your Car Bingo card will have pictures of types of cars, road signs, colors, houses, really almost anything that you might be able to spot on your travels. Some items are easy to find while others take a really keen eye and lots of patience. That is why parents love Car Bingo because it keeps the children entertained – sometimes for hours.

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Car Bingo cards can be bought in some stores but many parents and children choose to create their own boards. Now you can add one more twist to the game and that is to find the items and then name them in Spanish. So for this quiz, look at the pictures and then see if you can name the item in Spanish. Do you think you can win the Car Bingo game? Then let’s see if you can!

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  1. That looks like a massive FIRE.
    The Spanish word for fire is fuego.
  2. Many ladies carry a BAG with them just in case it is needed.
    The Spanish word for bag is bolsa.
  3. Whenever I pass by a cemetery I always become very QUIET?
    The Spanish word for quiet is tranquilo.
  4. This must be a huge farm to have three SILOS.
    This one is rather easy as a silos is spelled the same in both English and Spanish. There are no accent marks or double letters.
  5. It is harder to play car bingo if you are traveling in an AIRPLANE.
    The Spanish word for airplane is avión.
  6. You sometimes see a HOBO sitting on the sidewalk.
    The Spanish word for hobo is vagabundo.
  7. A BARREL can be made to look lovely with the right flowers.
    Here you will need to know the correct spelling for barrel in Spanish. That would be barril. There is no accent mark.
  8. Putting on a vibrant yellow paint will brighten up this FENCE.
    The Spanish word for fence is valla.
  9. Can you tell what state this truck comes from by the LICENSE PLATE?
    The Spanish words for license plate are placa de licencia.
  10. Every man should own a really good WRENCH.
    The Spanish words for wrench are llave inglesa.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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