Flower Power!

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz will come with a lot of fragrances as you focus on a quiz review of flowers. In the quick picture review quiz titled Flower Display you learned that there are approximately 250,000 known different flowering plants in the world. Flowers are a huge part of life and are used in so many different occasions. Of course, whether there is an occasion or not, we can always enjoy Mother Nature’s flower power!

Have you ever heard the saying that 'a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet'? Well, you do know it by another name. In fact you know several different kinds of flowers by another name because you know them in English and in Spanish! Now, let’s see how quickly you can name each of the flowers shown in this quiz.

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Look at each picture as you say the Spanish name of the flower so that your brain can learn and record the two together. Also, as the names of many flowers are similar in both languages, be sure to pay close attention to their spellings and pronunciations. Now, take a deep whiff and begin the flower power!

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  1. PANSIES make a great garden accessory.
    The Spanish word for pansies is pensamientos.
  2. Looks like this butterfly is enjoying the ASTER.
    This one is one of the easy ones as aster is spelled the same in both English and Spanish.
  3. Trying to capture the beauty of a TULIP.
    Each of these appears to be very similar. However, the Spanish word for tulip is tulipán. Note that there is an accent mark above the 'a'.
  4. The EDELWEISS was made popular in the movie The Sound of Music.
    Here, again, you have a name of a flower that is spelled the same in both English and Spanish. Therefore, the Spanish word for edelweiss is edelweiss. There is no accent mark.
  5. Filling up my basket with fresh LILACS.
    The Spanish word for lilacs is lilas.
  6. This little bee is borrowing some nectar from the CORNFLOWER.
    The Spanish word for cornflower is aciano. Note that although the third answer can be translated as corn flower, which is two separate words, it does not refer to the actual flower.
  7. Now I have another idea of what to do with my PEONIES!
    Each answer looks very similar. However, the Spanish word for peonies is peonías. Note that there is an accent mark above the 'i'.
  8. Don’t you just love the simplicity of a JONQUIL!
    The Spanish word for jonquils is junquillos. Remember that the double LLs sound like the letter 'y'.
  9. There is something mystical and magical about ORCHIDS!
    Once again, each answer looks very similar but the Spanish word for orchids is orquídeas. Note that there is an accent mark above the 'i'.
  10. Learning to enjoy DAFFODILS at an early age.
    The Spanish word for daffodils is narcisos.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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