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In this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz you will be looking at a variety of games we play as they are spoken in Spanish. Who doesn’t love to sit down and play a good game? Especially when the weather outside is lousy. Board games and card games can fill your time up for hours and they are great ways to get to know how your friends and family members think. Can you outwit them? Of course there are some games that are better left outside even though children try to play them inside but that’s another story.

For this quick picture quiz you are going to test your memory on the Spanish names of several different games that can be played. Now you can try to outwit people in two different languages. Doesn’t that add another exciting twist to the game! It is now time to take a look at the quiz sentences and pictures and see how well and how quickly you can name the capitalized game in Spanish. It is your turn!

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  1. Anyone up for a good game of SCRABBLE?
    The Spanish word for the game scrabble is escarbar.
  2. Looks like these were used in a KICK THE CAN game.
    The Spanish words for the game of kick the can are patear la lata.
  3. I would much rather play the board game of BATTLESHIP than play with the real thing.
    The Spanish word for the game battleship is acorazado.
  4. The chips fly when you play POKER.
    This one should be pretty easy as long as you remember that poker is spelled the same in both English and Spanish with the exception that there is an accent mark about the 'o' in Spanish.
  5. Hmm, I don’t remember seeing these in the game of RISK.
    The Spanish word for the game Risk is riesgo.
  6. She found the CARD that she was looking for!
    The Spanish word for card that is used in a card game is tarjeta.
  7. He was beginning to think that she might actually beat him in CHECKERS.
    The Spanish word for the game checkers is damas.
  8. Close your eyes tight when you are playing HIDE AND SEEK.
    The Spanish word for the game hide and seek is escondidas.
  9. I look to buy all the houses and hotels when I play MONOPOLY.
    For this one you need to know the correct Spanish spelling to get the right answer. The Spanish word for the game Monopoly is monopolio. There are no accent marks.
  10. Starting at an early age, he intends to one day be the best CHESS player in the world.
    The Spanish word for the game chess is ajedrez.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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