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This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz will take a look at things that you might find in a desert. And, if you are one of those people who like it hot, hot, hot, then you will feel right at home here! Of course, you are about to discover the desert’s wonders in the language of Spanish.

Did you know that there have been temperatures recorded in the upper 140 degree mark in the desert? Because it is so hot there, many people might have the mistaken belief that there isn’t much in the desert. That is probably because many people perceive the desert to be just endless miles of sand. Although sand can be found in the desert, most deserts are filled with many more living things where people and animals can actually thrive. With that understanding in mind, this quick picture review quiz is going to point out some of those thriving elements that can be found in the desert.

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Before you begin the quiz, why not grab a bottle of nice cold water because this trip is going to be HOT as you attempt to quickly find the Spanish words for the capitalized English words given in each quiz sentence.

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  1. You will be amazed at what can actually grow in the DESERT.
    You will need to know the correct Spanish spelling for this one. The Spanish word for desert is desierto.
  2. If you do not bring water with you in the desert you will suffer from THIRST.
    The Spanish word for thirst is sed.
  3. These cute little desert critters are called MEERKATS.
    The Spanish word for meerkats is suricatos (if all males or a combination of males and females) or suricatas (if all females). Here you do not know the gender make-up so 'suricatos' would be the correct response. Note that the second, third and last answers are all misspelled and/or incorrect words.
  4. Did you know that a BLACK WIDOW can survive in the desert?
    The Spanish words for black widow are viuda negra.
  5. You can find lots of CACTUS trees in the desert like these.
    Here you once again have a word that is spelled the same in both English and Spanish. Therefore, the Spanish word for cactus is cactus. There are no accent marks.
  6. These little bumps in the sand, well not so little, are known as DUNES.
    Don’t be tricked by the spelling on this word. The Spanish word for dunes is dunas.
  7. The SHEIKH points to the setting sun.
    The Spanish word for sheikh is jeque.
  8. There are many different kinds of REPTILES that live in the desert, including this iguana.
    This is another one where you will need to know the correct spelling for reptiles. The Spanish word for reptiles is reptiles. This is the same in both English and Spanish. However, the singular form for reptile in Spanish is reptil. Note that there is no final 'e' in the Spanish word. There are also no accent marks.
  9. It is sometimes hard to believe that such a beautiful OASIS can exist in the middle of a desert.
    This is an easy one as oasis is spelled the same way in both English and Spanish. Therefore, the Spanish word for oasis is oasis.
  10. A MIRAGE is when you think you see something that really isn’t there.
    The Spanish word for mirage is espejismo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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