Long Live Spain!

If you are going to learn Spanish, why not go where the Spanish go? For most people that would be either Spain or Mexico. Of course there are many, many more nations where Spanish is spoken and where traditions are celebrated very much the same, including foods. So, this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz takes a look at some of the fun things that are associated with Spanish traditions.

With Spanish traditions being the focus, put on your sombrero and get ready for the festivities. After all, LONG LIVE SPAIN! One note to make here is that many Spanish words are spoken the same in English. Therefore, it is very important that you pay close attention to spelling to get the answer correct.

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  1. All of the scrumptious foods can be used with hot TORTILLAS.
    The Spanish word for tortillas is tortillas which means it is spelled the same way in both English and Spanish. There are no accent marks.
  2. There is a lot of sway when dancing the FLAMENCO.
    This might seem a little confusing at first but if you remember that Spanish words are gender associated then that should help you. The picture is clearly showing females dancing. This means you will be looking for a feminine word. Now you can remove the first and last answers. The Spanish feminine word for flamenco is flamenca. If the picture were of males it would be the same as it is in English, i.e., flamenco.
  3. These JALAPENOS look fresh but they are still hot!
    This is one of those words that is spelled the same in both English and Spanish except that the Spanish word for jalapenos is jalapeños. There are no accent marks but there is a tilde above the 'n'.
  4. Here you have the colorful remnants of many Spanish CAPES.
    The Spanish word for capes is capas. The first answer means coats. The third answer means jackets and the last answer means shawls.
  5. In full dress, this BULLFIGHTER is ready to begin the challenge.
    The Spanish word for bullfighter is matador. The first answer means mayor. The third answer means neighbor and the last answer means Norwegian.
  6. One the more famous Spanish dishes is that of BURRITOS.
    The Spanish word for burritos is burritos which means it is spelled the same way in both English and Spanish. There are no accent marks.
  7. Everyone is ready for a great Spanish PARTY!
    The Spanish word for party is fiesta. The first answer means birthday. The second answer means pepper and the third answer means pumpkin.
  8. No Spanish restaurant would dare not offer their best BEANS.
    The Spanish word for beans is frijoles. The first answer means beers. The third answer means bees and the last answer means chickens.
  9. A very common sight to see with Spanish DANCERS is the use of castanets.
    The Spanish word for dancers is bailarines. (Note that in the singular form it is bailarín.) The first answer means ladies. The second answer means doves and the third answer means divers.
  10. Now what would chips be without some good SAUCE?
    The Spanish word for sauce is salsa. The second answer means soup. The third answer means sour and the last answer means soap.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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