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This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the first of a series of five lottery quizzes designed to test you with a smorgasbord of words. If you were wondering what the title of the quiz means, it is basically the same as what you saws and took in the Spanish Difficult Review academic quiz series titled A Smorgasbord of Words. As you learned in that quiz series, a smorgasbord is a mixture of several different things that are put together. They can be related or unrelated. In case of Spanish, it is a mixture of Spanish vocabulary words.

Many of the academic quizzes presented vocabulary words related to a subject such as rooms in a house, being at a restaurant, at school, on a farm, birds, vegetables, flowers, etc. However, language is filled with words that cannot all be compacted into a few lessons. Therefore, in order to give you a more, rich bank of vocabulary words, the smorgasbord series was created.

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To refresh your memory, we now revisit those quizzes in the quick picture review section. In fact, there were so many different smorgasbord vocabulary words that we have created five separate Lottery quizzes. This means that each quiz sentence or question can and will be about anything which means you will have to dig deep into your Spanish vocabulary bank.

Remember that the word being sought could be a noun, adjective, adverb, verb, singular, plural, masculine or feminine so you will have to be on your toes. If you can ace all five quizzes in this series – you deserve to win the LOTTERY! Now, are you ready to start playing the Lottery? Then roll the dice!

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  1. I would have to say that summer is my favorite SEASON.
    Generally when you are referring to the time of year, the Spanish word for season is estación.
  2. The fireworks we saw last night were truly MAGNIFICENT!
    In order to get this answer correct you will need to remember how to spell magnificent in Spanish. The Spanish word for magnificent is magnífico. Notice that there is an accent mark above the first 'i'. Now, as magnificent is describing the fireworks, it is an adjective. Therefore, since fireworks is plural, so too much magnificent. That means that the correct answer is 'magníficos'.
  3. I know I left my shoes in here SOMEWHERE.
    In Spanish it takes three words to say somewhere as somewhere in Spanish is en algún lugar. This actually translates as in some place. (The first answer means sometimes. The third answer means somehow and the last answer means someday.)
  4. A BRUSH always comes in handy when you don’t have a microphone.
    A microphone isn’t always easy to come by but a brush is. The Spanish word for brush is cepillo.
  5. Mother has a specific system of how she puts the groceries into the CUPBOARD.
    The Spanish word for cupboard is alacena.
  6. All of the staff at our hotel were very FRIENDLY.
    As the words friendly is an adjective it takes on the feminine or masculine form of the word. As the staff is a mixture of males and females we use the masculine form. Notice, however, that even though staff includes many people, the word itself is singular. Therefore, friendly needs to be in the singular, masculine form. The Spanish word for friendly is amistoso.
  7. We all went hiking down a well-worn country LANE.
    The Spanish word for lane is carril.
  8. Making it all the way to graduation made us each feel very PROUD!
    As we have three girls in this pictures and they are each proud, we will need to use the feminine form of the word proud. The Spanish feminine word for proud is orgullosa.
  9. I have heard that STAMP collecting is one of the top hobbies people around the world share.
    The Spanish word for stamp is sello.
  10. Getting up close to nature’s STARFISH.
    The Spanish words for starfish are estrella de mar. (The first answer means starlight. The third answer means stargaze, and the last answer means starring.)

Author: Christine G. Broome

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