Lottery 2

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the second of a series of 5 lottery quizzes designed to test you with a smorgasbord of words. As you learned in the introduction of Lottery 1, this series is all about a smorgasbord of Spanish vocabulary words. The quiz’s sentences or questions can be about any subject and each sentence and question can be totally unrelated to any of the other quiz sentences or questions. The main focus of this series is to see how quickly you can now draw upon your Spanish vocabulary bank of words without taking too much time to think about it. Try challenging yourself to easily flow through each answer to swiftly come up with the correct answer. Remember, use the pictures to help guide you. Now, let’s start round 2 of the lottery!

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  1. Beginning in the Spring I like to hang the LAUNDRY outside to dry.
    The Spanish word for laundry is ropa sucia. (The second answer means leaf. The third answer means letter; and the last answer means homework.)
  2. You need a good, flexible SPATULA to get the icing on a cake just right.
    The Spanish word for spatula is espátula. (The first answer means root. The second answer means rope, and the third answer means stick.)
  3. Whatever was just said must certainly have been very FUNNY!
    The Spanish word for funny is gracioso. (The first answer means lonely. The third answer means afraid, and the last answer means sad.)
  4. Grandmother does a new PUZZLE every week to help keep her mind functioning well.
    The Spanish word for puzzle is rompecabezas. (The first answer means picture. The second answer means paint, and the last answer means movie.)
  5. It was time to act SILLY for the camera.
    The Spanish word for silly is tonto. (The second answer means jealous. The third answer means alien, and the last answer means articulate.)
  6. It appears that a BULLET went right through the window.
    The Spanish word for bullet is bala. (The first answer means stone. The second answer means rock, and the third answer means ball.)
  7. They were in the MIDDLE of their dinner when someone knocked on the front door.
    The Spanish word for middle is medio. (The first answer means corner. The third answer means end, and the last answer means beginning.)
  8. Come closer so I can tell you my SECRET.
    To get the answer correct here you do need to know the correct Spanish spelling for the word secret. The Spanish word for secret is secreto. Note that there is no accent mark.
  9. He was so angry you could actually see STEAM coming out of his ears.
    The Spanish word for steam is vapor. (The second answer means sparkles. The third answer means fire, and the last answer means stars.)
  10. The house appears to be located in a DESOLATE part of the county.
    Here the capitalized word is an adjective in that it is describing a part of the country, not the country. The Spanish word for 'part' is 'parte' and it is a feminine word. Therefore, desolate must take on the feminine form which is 'desolada'. (The first answer means quiet. The second answer means modern, and the last answer means forest.)

Author: Christine G. Broome

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