Lottery 3

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the third of a series of 5 lottery quizzes designed to test you with a smorgasbord of words. At this point you should be very familiar with the challenges that have been presented to you in this series. In short, you are being served with a smorgasbord of Spanish vocabulary words. It can be somewhat easier when you are tested on words that are related to a central topic such as a wedding or a party but when the words have little to no relationship to each other, well the quiz can be a bit more challenging.

The pictures provided here are a great source to help you draw upon the many different words, words that can be verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, and so on. Therefore, please pay close attention to each of the all capitalized English words and then see how quickly you can locate their Spanish counterparts. Now, let’s begin round three of the lottery!

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  1. She has already put a lot of groceries into her CART.
    The Spanish word for cart is “carro”. (The first answer means car. The third answer means coach, and the last answer means trailer.)
  2. Have you had ENOUGH or would you like to have another slice?
    The Spanish word for enough is suficiente. (The first answer means empty. The second answer means none, and the third answer means more.)
  3. Grandpa loves to show his grandchildren how to have fun in the GARDEN.
    The Spanish word for garden is jardín. (The first answer means yard. The second answer means village, and the last answer means stream.)
  4. LIFE is good even when it rains.
    The Spanish word for life is vida. (The first answer means cloud. The second answer means crane, and the last answer means custard.)
  5. It looks like the LULLABY put her right to sleep.
    The Spanish words for lullaby are canción de cuna. (The first answer means waves. The second answer means noise, and the third answer means moon.)
  6. I love to hear a MOCKINGBIRD mimic the sounds around him.
    The Spanish word for mockingbird is zenzontal. (The second answer means blackbird. The third answer means bluebird, and the last answer means crow.)
  7. It took all of his willpower but he REFRAINED from shouting back at her.
    Notice that the underlined word is a verb and it is in the past tense. The pronoun of he has been given. Therefore, the Spanish past tense verb for he refrained is abstuvo. (The first answer means he opened. The third answer means he chose, and the last answer means he stopped.)
  8. Before you take any medication, always check to see what the possible SIDE effects might be.
    The Spanish word for side is lado. (The first answer means second. The third answer means late, and the last answer means spice.)
  9. Of all the Chinese dishes available, my favorite is the SOUR chicken.
    The capitalized word here is an adjective as it further describes the chicken. As chicken in Spanish is a masculine word (el pollo) then the adjective needs to take on the masculine form. The first answer shows the feminine form so it can be eliminated. The Spanish masculine word for sour is agrio. (The second answer means sweet and the last answer means hot.) Now for a little more information here, when Spanish native people refer to the ‘sour chicken’ the translation would more likely be stated as ‘pollo agridulce’. Note that, in that case, sour translates as ‘agrio’. The same thing occurs with sour cream (crema agria). On the other hand, lemon is sour and translates as ‘el limón es ácido’. You will come to be able to quickly use sour properly as you gain more experience with Spanish.
  10. A country TEAPOT for some afternoon country tea!
    The Spanish word for teapot is tetera. (The first answer means spell. The second answer means clock, and the third answer means dish.)

Author: Christine G. Broome

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