Lottery 4

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the fourth of a series of 5 lottery quizzes designed to test you with a smorgasbord of words. As was the format in the picture review quizzes titled Lottery 1, Lottery, 2 and Lottery 3, here, too, the quiz sentences will include all capitalized English words that are not necessarily related to any of the other capitalized words. Rather, your challenge is to have your mind be able to quickly pull up Spanish words from your bank of words within an instant or close to it.

Remember to pay attention to the type of word that has been capitalized. Is it a noun, a verb, an adverb, an adjective, masculine, feminine, singular or plural? Then you must be able to correctly spell that word in Spanish. Does the word have an accent mark or no accent mark? Again, the challenge is to determine the Spanish word and spelling and then quickly see if it is one of the given answers. Now, let’s get that brain to work as we dive into the next lottery!

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  1. Would you like to RIDE on this amusement ride that is sometimes called the Tilt-a-World?
    Notice that in this sentence the word ride appears twice. The capitalized ride is a verb while the other ride is a noun. As you are looking at the verb, notice that the preposition word 'to' comes before it. This tells you that the verb will appear in its base form. The Spanish word for the verb 'to ride' is montar. (The first answer means rhythm. The third answer means 'to rake', and the last answer means 'to reflect'.)
  2. Everyone could easily see through her CHARADE.
    To get this answer correct you need to know how to spell charade in Spanish. The Spanish word for charade is charada. Note that there is no accent mark.
  3. He lost EVERYTHING he had at the casino.
    The Spanish word for everything is todo. (The second answer means much. The third answer means millions, and the last answer means hope.)
  4. Now that he was a TEENAGER it seemed that he couldn't get out of bed in morning!
    The Spanish word for teenager is adolescente. (The first answer means adult. The third answer means child, and the last answer means grandson.)
  5. She GRACIOUSLY accepted his somewhat sparse bunch of flowers.
    The Spanish word for graciously is gentilmente. (The first answer means rapidly (or quickly). The second answer means politely, and the third answer means knowingly.)
  6. It had been a LONG drive so they were all very pleased to get some fresh air.
    The Spanish word for long is largo. (The first answer means short. The second answer means slow, and the last answer means test.)
  7. The MAJORITY of people chose to get the sticky toffee pudding over a fruit salad.
    The Spanish word for majority is mayoría. (The second answer means few. The third answer means best, and the last answer means last.)
  8. She had some fantastic NEWS to tell them!
    The Spanish word for news is noticias. (The first answer means nests. The second answer means notes, and the last answer means stories.)
  9. They chose to sit at one of the tables set up on the SIDEWALK.
    The Spanish word for sidewalk is acera. (The first answer means silo. The third answer means skateboard, and the last answer means beach.)
  10. They were playing her favorite SONG on the radio.
    The Spanish word for song is canción. (The first answer means poll. The second answer means salad dressing, and the last answer means seed.)

Author: Christine G. Broome

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