Lottery 5

Well, here it is! This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the fifth and final lottery quiz that was designed to test you with a smorgasbord of words. If you have been acing each of the quizzes then you are well on your way to winning it all, i.e., the LOTTERY!

Your brain has been getting a lot of practice with being able to quickly pull up Spanish vocabulary words as swiftly as possible in any subject area so for this last Lottery quiz, your challenge is to go through it in lightning, fast, record time! Do you feel like you are up to that challenge? Then for this quiz you will notice that each sentence contains a blank space. Looking at the pictures provided, see how quickly you can fill in that blank space with one of the given answers. It sometimes may seem that more than one answer can fit into the blank but you need to find the best answer and the answer that will match up with what you see in the picture. Ready for the last round? Then on your mark, get set – GO!

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  1. She faithfully brushes her ____ every day.
    The first answer means suitcase. The second answer means parsley. The third answer means terrace, and the last answer means teeth. Looking at the picture you can see that she is brushing her teeth.
  2. The ____ let us know that we were now in Arizona.
    The first answer means pipe. The second answer means parade. The third answer means mushroom, and the last answer means sign. Looking at the picture you can clearly see that there is a sign letting you know that they are in Arizona.
  3. Looks like Santa has lost ____ again.
    The first answer means Rudolf. The second answer means Peter. The third answer means John, and the last answer means William. As Santa is in the picture with a sleigh, what would he be missing? He would be missing Rudolf.
  4. After being stung by a jellyfish, he ____ went in the sea again!
    The first answer means never. The second answer means now. The third answer means far away, and the last answer means behind. The picture is of a number of jellyfish but since he was stung, how often do you think he would go back into the sea? Probably never.
  5. She read from a ____ book of fairies.
    The first answer means souvenir. The second answer means magical. The third answer means steak, and the last answer means sphinx. From the picture you can see something wondrous coming up from the book. That’s because it is a magical book.
  6. They lined up all of the ____ before putting them on the bus.
    The first answer means books. The second answer means people. The third answer means luggage, and the last answer means penguins. The picture clearly shows you a group of luggage that has been lined up.
  7. When will you stop acting foolish and ____?
    The first answer means harvest. The second answer means grow up. The third answer means hunt, and the last answer means cook. Notice that each answer is the base form of a verb. In this sentence, the last part is giving a type of a command. When a command is given, the base form of the verb is generally used. From the picture you can see that the person is acting foolish so the logical command would be to grow up.
  8. I would like to have a ____ drink, please.
    The first answer means square. The second answer means soft. The third answer means spicy, and the last answer means young. You can see in the picture that there is what appears to be lemonade which is a soft drink.
  9. He looked ____ for the bone he buried last week.
    The first answer means south. The second answer means under. The third answer means everywhere, and the last answer means after. Looking at the picture it is clear that the only word that could fit well into the blank is everywhere.
  10. What would a cool dude be without his ____?
    The first answer means accountant. The second answer means barn. The third answer means comb, and the last answer means cookie. From the picture it is clear that he is using a comb.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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