Math: Counting with Ordinal Numbers!

In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz you will be going over how to count in Spanish using ordinal numbers. In fact, this quiz is a continuation of the Spanish Difficult Review quiz titled Math: Who’s On First?. In that quiz you learned how to count the Spanish ordinal numbers of first through twentieth. Now, in this quiz, you will learn how to count from the twenty-first through the five hundredth.

Remember, ordinal numbers are adjectives in that they are used to describe other objects/nouns. Now let’s take a look at these higher ordinal numbers.

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twenty-first vigésimo primero
twenty-second vigésimo segundo
twenty-third vigésimo tercero
twenty-fourth vigésimo cuarto
twenty-fifth vigésimo quinto [Note that this will continue through twenty-ninth.]
thirtieth trigésimo
thirty-first trigésimo primero
thirty-second trigésimo segundo
thirty-third trigésimo tercero [Note that this will continue through thirty-ninth.]
fortieth cuadragésimo [Note that this will continue through forty-ninth.]
fiftieth quincuagésimo [Note that this will continue through fifty-ninth.]
sixtieth sexagésimo [Note that this will continue through sixty-ninth.]
seventieth septuagésimo [Note that this will continue through seventy-ninth.]
eightieth octogésimo [Note that this will continue through eighty-ninth.]
ninetieth nonagésimo [Note that this will continue through ninety-ninth.]
one hundredth centésimo
two hundredth ducentésimo
three hundredth tricentésimo
four hundredth cuadringentésimo
five hundredth quingentésimo

As you can see, once you get to the twentieth through the ninetieth ordinal numbers, the first through the ninth are simply added to them. These ordinal numbers are rather long and many of them contain accent marks so please take enough time to really get to know them, be familiar with them, pronounce them and spell them. Once you are really comfortable, move on to the quiz section.

The quiz is rather simple and quick in that you will be given the ordinal number in English and you will need to locate the Spanish translation of that number. You will need to know how to spell to find the correct answer. Challenge yourself when taking the quiz by NOT looking back at this introduction to find your answer.

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  1. He repeated the same instruction for the FORTIETH time.
    The ordinal number fortieth in Spanish is cuadragésimo.
  2. Christmas is on the TWENTY-FIFTH of December.
    The ordinal number twenty-fifth in Spanish is vigésimo quinto.
  3. They will get their last paycheck on the FIFTY-SECOND week of the year.
    The ordinal number fifty-second in Spanish is quincuagésimo segundo.
  4. He followed the SIXTY-SIXTH route.
    The ordinal number sixty-sixth in Spanish is sexagésimo sexto.
  5. The city celebrated its ONE HUNDRED NINETIETH anniversary.
    The ordinal number one hundred ninetieth in Spanish is centesimo nonagésimo.
  6. Jesus was in his THIRTY-THIRD year of his life when he was crucified.
    The ordinal number thirty-third in Spanish is trigésimo tercero.
  7. In 1976 the United States celebrated its TWO-HUNDREDTH birthday!
    The ordinal number two hundredth in Spanish is ducentésimo.
  8. Daniel was the EIGHTY-FIRST person in line.
    The ordinal number eighty-first in Spanish is octogésimo primero.
  9. It measured THREE HUNDREDTH of a mile.
    The ordinal number three hundredth in Spanish is tricentésimo.
  10. He was in the NINETY-NINTH percentile.
    The ordinal number ninety-ninth in Spanish is nonagésimo noveno.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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