Math: Who's On First!

In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz you will begin working with math. Specifically, the ordinal numbers such as who’s on first. In the Spanish Easy Review quiz series, as well as the Spanish Medium Review quiz series, you learned how to count from zero (0) all the way through the billions. When counting with numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., those numbers are known as cardinal numbers. However, not everything is counted using cardinal numbers.

Think of the game of baseball. It does not have 1 base, 2 base and 3 base. Rather, it has first base, second base and third base. First, second and third are numbers that are referred to as ordinal number. Ordinal basically refers to the order of thing.

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Ordinal numbers are adjectives. In other words, they further describe a thing such as was mentioned above in baseball. The thing is the base. The order is first, second and third. In addition, as the ordinal number is an adjective, it must take on the gender of the thing that it is describing. First, however, (ah, there is an ordinal number) let’s take a look at the following ordinal numbers.


first primero
second segundo
third tercero
fourth cuarto
fifth quinto
sixth sexto
seventh séptimo, sétimo [note that this can be said two different ways]
eighth octavo
ninth noveno
tenth décimo
eleventh undécimo
twelfth duodécimo
thirteenth decimotercero
fourteenth decimocuarto
fifteenth decimoquinto
sixteenth decimosexto
seventeenth decimoséptimo
eighteenth decimoctavo
nineteenth decimonoveno
twentieth vigésimo

Some of these ordinal numbers are rather long so it might take a little time to get used to them. You will notice, however, that there is a pattern. For example, thirteenth through nineteenth each have the letters of 'decimo' in front of them. You will see a similar pattern when you get to the Spanish Difficult Review quiz titled Math: Counting with Ordinal Numbers. That quiz will take you to numbers above the twentieth. For now, let’s just simply stick with learning this first group of ordinal numbers.

After you have had a chance to study each ordinal number, move on to the quiz. Each of the ten sentences will have an ordinal number that is shown in all capitalized letters. You then need to find the Spanish translation to that number. Please take the quiz without looking back at this introduction or any notes. Remember, if you do not do very well the first time you take this quiz, you can always restudy and then retake it. The trick is to really challenge yourself. That challenge will help you to remember much more easily and in a shorter period of time. Now – it is time to take the quiz!

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  1. She ran the race for the SIXTEENTH time.
    The ordinal number sixteenth in Spanish is decimosexto.
  2. The governor waited until the ELEVENTH hour to stay the execution.
    The ordinal number eleventh in Spanish is undécimo.
  3. If at FIRST you don’t succeed – try, try again!
    The ordinal number first in Spanish is primero.
  4. Tax Returns in the U.S. are due on the FIFTEENTH of April.
    The ordinal number fifteenth in Spanish is decimoquinto.
  5. Did you know that many high-rise buildings do not have a THIRTEENTH floor?
    The ordinal number thirteenth in Spanish is decimotercero.
  6. Neil was able to get to SECOND base!
    The ordinal number second in Spanish is segundo.
  7. Have you ever heard the song, The TWELFTH of Never?
    The ordinal number twelfth in Spanish is duodécimo.
  8. Their concert seats were in the EIGHTH row.
    The ordinal number eighth in Spanish is octavo.
  9. Ellen climbed the stairs all the way up to the TWENTIETH floor.
    The ordinal number twentieth in Spanish is vigésimo.
  10. Melinda came in THIRD at the Spelling Bee contest.
    The ordinal number third in Spanish is tercero.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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