Occupations 1 (Bullfighter, Teacher)

In this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz we will be checking out a few different types of occupations like being a bullfighter or a teacher. Have you decided what you want to be when you grow up? That is a question that nearly everyone is asked when they are young. For some people they know at a very early age what they want to be while others take some time to really ponder what it is that they want. The important thing to remember is that whatever it is that you want to be in life, make sure you are the best at what you do. That is true in English and in Spanish.

In order to help you make a possible decision, this quick picture quiz and its sister quiz titled Occupations 2 will hopefully give you a little glimpse into a possible occupation that might be of interest to you. In order to find the correct Spanish answer you will need to look at the pictures as the answers are found within the pictures. Now, let’s begin the investigation into occupations.

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  1. 'I wonder which chords will work best?' thought the ____.
    Looking at the picture and reading the sentence that goes along with it you can see a guitar which makes the man a guitarist. The Spanish word for guitarist is guitarrista.
  2. You will need to see a good ____ to keep all your finances in order.
    The first answer means accountant. The second answer means patient. The third answer means coach and the last answer means lawyer. The occupation that helps you with your finances is an accountant who does a lot of counting.
  3. Before a race, ____ need to fill up on lots of carbs.
    The first answer means ministers. The second answer means tellers. The third answer means athletes and the last answer means trackers. Before a race, athletes need to fill up on lots of carbs.
  4. Only the wealthy can afford a ____ to service their household.
    The first answer means contractor. The second answer means bullfighter. The third answer means butler and the last answer means dancer. Only the wealthy can afford a butler to service their household.
  5. A skilled ____ can do all kinds of things with wood.
    A skilled person who works with wood is called a carpenter. In Spanish that is a carpintero.
  6. It’s best to leave wiring to a licensed ____.
    A person who works with wiring is known as an electrician. The Spanish word for electrician is electricista.
  7. You need to sign a lease with your ____ to rent an apartment.
    The first answer means landlord. The second answer means butcher. The third answer means grocer and the last answer means teacher. You need to sign a lease with your landlord to rent an apartment.
  8. Looks like this ____ has had enough of indexing books.
    What occupation would be involved with indexing of books? That would be a librarian. As the picture shows you a female, the librarian must be in the feminine form. The Spanish feminine word for librarian is bibliotecaria.
  9. When the drains get clogged a good ____ can get them flowing again.
    The first answer means Protestant. The second answer means referee. The third answer means ranger and the last answer means plumber. When the drains get clogged a good plumber can get them flowing again.
  10. Now that your book has been completed it is time to find a ____.
    The first answer means writer. The second answer means publisher. The third answer means rabbi and the last answer means scientist.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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