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This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the first of two quizzes where you will need to focus on what is the opposite. What are opposites? Well, if I say red then you say blue. If I say good then you say bad, and if I say new then you say old.

It seems that we are always in a constant battle of opposite minds and opinions. Of course, in the real world there are opposites to just about everything. In fact, there is a saying that states that 'there must be opposition in all things' in order to be able to appreciate the good from the not so good. After all, if you have never experienced sadness, how can appreciate joy?

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You know about the opposites in English, now it is time to test your opposites in Spanish. To complete this quick picture quiz you will need to use the given pictures to be able to determine the missing word found within each quiz sentence. The twist here is that you MUST use the opposite Spanish word for what the picture is telling you. For example, if the picture were of a small boat you will need to fill in the blank with the Spanish word for a large boat. Got it? Then remember to be thinking about the opposite!

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  1. Wiping the car will make it ____.
    Wiping the car as shown in the picture will make it clean. The opposite of clean is dirty. Therefore, the Spanish word for dirty is sucio.
  2. Wow, that hand is awfully ____.
    Wow, that hand is awfully dirty. However, the opposite of dirty is clean. That means the Spanish word you are looking for is clean. Before you look for that, remember, that the Spanish word for hand is 'mano'. Even though it ends with the letter 'o', it is a feminine word. Therefore, clean must appear in the feminine form. The first and last answers show masculine form words so they can be eliminated. The Spanish feminine form of clean is limpia.
  3. A rabbit can run ____ in a race.
    A rabbit can run fast in a race. The opposite of fast is slow and since you are looking for the opposite of fast, the Spanish word for slow is lento.
  4. However, a tortoise is very ____.
    A tortoise is very slow. As you are looking for the opposite, that would be fast. First, the Spanish word for tortoise is 'tortuga'. It is a feminine word so you are looking for a feminine form adjective. The Spanish feminine adjective for fast is rápida.
  5. They dove into the ____ end of the pool.
    The picture clearly shows you that they are diving in the deep end of the pool. The diving board gives that away. Now, what would be the opposite of deep? That would be shallow. The Spanish words for shallow are poco profundo.
  6. The younger children stay in the ____ end of the pool.
    Here you can see that the younger children are staying in the shallow end of the pool. As you are looking for the opposite of shallow that would be deep. The Spanish word for deep is profundo.
  7. Some people need a cup of coffee in the morning to become ____.
    In order to wake up, many people need a cup of coffee in the morning to get them to the point of being awake. The opposite of being awake is being asleep. The Spanish word for asleep is dormida.
  8. Looks like she fell ____ on the job again.
    Clearly this lady is sound asleep. However, you now need to use the opposite of being asleep and that would be being awake. The Spanish word for awake is despierta.
  9. I believe that shirt is way too ____ for that little guy.
    It is very easy to see that the shirt is way too loose on the little guy. Now you need to find the opposite of loose and that would be tight. The Spanish word for tight is apretada.
  10. Looks like that boot is rather ____ on the leg.
    Since she needs to squeeze into her boot it is clear that the boot is very tight on her. Now you need to use the opposite of tight and that would be loose. The Spanish word for loose is suelta.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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