Opposites Attract 2

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the second of two quizzes where you will need to focus on what is the opposite. Playing a game of opposites can be quite fun and can cause a lot of giggles. With that in mind, this quiz has been created to keep the game going that was begun in the Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz titled Opposites Attract 1. Both quizzes are helping your brain to not only learn Spanish but to learn opposite words in Spanish so that you can quickly draw upon both sides of thought.

Just as the challenge you faced was used in the first opposites quiz, here you will look at each of the given pictures and then you will need to find the opposite meaning of the missing word found in each quiz sentence. If you see a black dog then you are looking for the answer white. Now, let’s see how well and how quickly you can find the opposites!

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  1. Looks like she loves to get ____.
    Since this little darling is sitting in a pool, she clearly loves to get wet. So, what is the opposite of wet? That would be dry. The Spanish word for dry is seca.
  2. These towels are nice and ____ now
    Folded, these towels look nice and dry. What then would be the opposite of dry? That would be wet. The Spanish word for wet is mojada. As there is more than one towel, then it is mojadas.
  3. He must be very ____ to try and cross that river.
    To take on the task that the man has in this picture he must be very brave. The opposite of brave is scared and the Spanish word for scared is asustado.
  4. She woke up ____ after having a nightmare.
    When a person has a nightmare, especially young children, they often wake up scared. So what is the opposite of being scared? That would be being brave. The Spanish word for brave is valiente.
  5. These look like ____ pieces of jewelry.
    The hanging pieces of jewelry look very cheap. Now, the opposite of cheap is expensive and the Spanish word for expensive is caro. As there are 'pieces of jewelry' making it plural, caro should be caros.
  6. Diamonds are very ____ but women love them!
    Diamonds are, of course, quite expensive. Therefore, the opposite of expensive is cheap. The Spanish word for cheap is barato. As there are many diamonds, the adjective needs to be in its plural form making barato, baratos.
  7. Just an ____ tap and the ball will fall into the hole.
    It would take only a very easy tap to get that ball into the hole. Of course, the opposite of easy is difficult. The Spanish word for difficult is difícil.
  8. It is going to be ____ shot to get the ball out of the dirt.
    To get the golf ball back onto the field this man is going to have a difficult shot. Now, the opposite of difficult is easy. The Spanish word for easy is fácil.
  9. What a lovely, ____ place to sit and relax.
    The picture shows us a lovely, quiet place to sit and relax. The opposite of quiet then is loud and the Spanish word for loud is fuerte.
  10. The music and the crowds get very ____ at a concert.
    When you go to a concert it is inevitable that the music and the crowd get very loud. However, the opposite of loud is quiet and since this is describing the music and crowd it should be in the plural form. The Spanish plural word for quiet is tranquilos.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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