Powder Room 2 (Toothpaste, Shampoo)

In this second Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz we will be once again taking a look at items that one might find in a powder room. If you have taken the sister quiz to this quiz, i.e., Powder Room 1, then you know your task is to locate the Spanish word for items that are found in a powder room (also referred to as a water closet in some areas).

In an effort to help the brain to associate Spanish words with their corresponding items, please look at each of the pictures and see if you can first name the item in each picture. Then look at the capitalized English word. Does the Spanish name come to mind? Next, look at the four given Spanish answers to see if one of the answers is one that you came up with. Of course, the added challenge is to do this as quickly as possible and as accurately as possible. Are you up for the challenge? Then let’s take a look at powder room finds!

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  1. Now why would you put a CAP on a dog?
    The Spanish word for cap is gorra.
  2. Wearing a ROBE can been quite comfy.
    The Spanish word for robe is bata.
  3. Note only should you brush your teeth but you should also FLOSS.
    The Spanish word for floss is hilo dental. (Note that the H is silent.)
  4. Looks like we’re almost out of TOILET PAPER.
    The Spanish words for toilet paper are papel higiénico.
  5. You will need a powder room MIRROR if you want to put your make-up on right.
    The Spanish word for mirror is espejo.
  6. It is a special treat to be able to go to a SPA.
    To get this one correct you will need to know how to spell spa in Spanish. It is very easy because spa is spelled exactly the same in both English and Spanish.
  7. Be sure to wash your hands in the SINK before you leave the powder room.
    The Spanish word for sink is lavabo.
  8. Some people still use an old fashioned RAZOR to shave.
    The Spanish word for razor is navaja.
  9. That looks like the right amount of TOOTHPASTE to use.
    The Spanish words for toothpaste are pasta dentífrica.
  10. There are so many different SHAMPOOS to choose from these days.
    To get this one correct you will need to know how to spell shampoos in Spanish. The Spanish word for shampoo is champú. As the word is plural, the Spanish rule states that if it ends with a vowel you simply add the letter 's'. Therefore, shampoos in Spanish is champús. Note that in this instance the accent mark is not dropped.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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