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This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the first of 5 raffle quizzes that will test your skill covering levels easy to difficult. You have now had the opportunity to go through all of the Spanish quizzes on this site. The levels included Spanish Easy Review, Spanish Medium Review and Spanish Difficult Review. If you did every quiz up to this point, you will have completed 300 academic quizzes and 145 quick picture review quizzes. You are now about to complete the last 5 quizzes. They have been appropriately titled Raffle! Why Raffle? Because in a raffle drawing you randomly select a number. Your desire is then to have your raffle number called out. It generally means that you will win something. Here, in this Spanish course, it means that you are about to win the challenge of tackling a new language!

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All the way back in Spanish Easy Review you probably had some doubts that you would ever get this far but you did! In your journey you have learned thousands of words in Spanish. Your head is filled with these new words and now, with this series of quizzes, we are about to draw random numbers. Numbers to words. Therefore, throughout these last 5 quick review quizzes, each quiz sentence or question will be drawing up a word that can be found in any one of the above-mentioned levels of Spanish. As always, look closely at the pictures as they will guide you in finding the words or answers. They will also help your brain remember Spanish words as they associate to things and actions.

In the past quizzes you were often given very detailed explanations as to the answers. For these last 5 quick quizzes we will dispense with detailed explanations. Rather, if you do not get the answer correct, please use the Spanish Vocabulary List located on this site to check out the English translations of the answers provided. This is your last task for helping your brain remember. Now, let’s begin the final countdown and start the raffle drawing!

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  1. It looks like an entire fleet of ALIENS are making their way to the planet.
    The Spanish word for aliens is extraterrestres.
  2. Hmm, the BROTH tastes just right now!
    The Spanish word for broth is caldo.
  3. It looks like we have arrived at our DESTINATION.
    The Spanish word for destination is destino.
  4. The snow DRIFTS kept piling up.
    The Spanish words for drifts are a la deriva. As it is referring to 'snow' and 'snow' is in its singular form, then 'drifts' must also be in the singular form, i.e., a la deriva.
  5. The FLORIST carefully laid out the flowers to be used in the bouquet.
    The Spanish word for florist is florista.
  6. They make a HANDSOME couple.
    The Spanish word for handsome is guapa. Note that it is in the feminine form. This is because the Spanish word for 'couple' is 'pareja', a feminine word.
  7. Do you prefer KETCHUP or mustard on your hotdogs?
    The Spanish words for ketchup are salsa de tomate. Note that it can also be stated as catsup.
  8. She loves it when a PARENT spends quality time with her!
    The Spanish word for parent is padre.
  9. The turkey is ready for THANKSGIVING DAY!
    The Spanish words for Thanksgiving Day are Día de Acción de Gracias.
  10. TWINKLE, TWINKLE little star…
    The Spanish verb for twinkle is brilla.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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