Raffle 2

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the second of 5 raffle quizzes that will test your skill covering levels easy to difficult. As you recall from round 1 (Raffle 1), this series is challenging you to draw upon your Spanish vocabulary word bank from memory. The words included in this quick quiz can be from any of the three levels of Spanish (easy, medium and difficult) and the words can be either nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. You have had a lot of practice in learning your Spanish vocabulary so now is the time to test that practice, and to see where you might still need additional practice and/or review.

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As was stated in round 1, prior to this little series you were frequently provided with detailed explanations to each quiz question. Now that you are more of a pro, the detailed explanations have been eliminated in this series. On the chance that you do not get the right answer, your task is to use the Spanish Vocabulary List and/or Verb Conjugation List located on this site in order to check out the English translations of the answers provided. You might also want to review some of the academic quizzes to help you in any areas of weakness. Also remember that spelling is crucial to finding the correct answer as well. Now, let’s begin round 2 of the Raffle!

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  1. What is this amazing light show known as?
    The amazing light seen in this picture is known as the aurora borealis. The Spanish word for that is aurora boreal.
  2. He pours the wine into a new BOTTLE.
    The Spanish word for bottle is botella.
  3. I had the most peculiar DREAM last night.
    The Spanish word for dream is sueño.
  4. The FOG was rolling in at a remarkable speed.
    The Spanish word for fog is niebla.
  5. Kathy is always blowing huge bubbles with her GUM.
    The Spanish word for gum is goma.
  6. Holding this pose for long on the rings is incredibly HARD.
    The Spanish word for hard is duro.
  7. Whose that looking at you in the LOOKING GLASS?
    The Spanish word for looking glass is espejo. Note that this is the same word used for mirror.
  8. They had to follow the narrow PATH to get to the campsite.
    The Spanish word for path is camino.
  9. THERE IS a fair coming to town this week!
    The Spanish word for 'there is' is hay.
  10. When you come to a crossroad it is sometimes hard to know which WAY to go.
    The Spanish word for way is camino. You can also use alto. Did you notice that the same Spanish word camino is used for both path and way?

Author: Christine G. Broome

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