Raffle 3

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the third of 5 raffle quizzes that will test your skill covering levels easy to difficult. As you learned in the previous two rounds of the series, the words that are included in this quiz may come from any of the Spanish vocabulary words that you have learned throughout your journey of learning this new language. The quiz includes finding the correct Spanish name for either a capitalized word, a fill in a blank space with a Spanish word or an answer to a question with a Spanish word.

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Because you have had a lot of practice throughout your journey, it is now time to really get down to seeing just what you have learned and what you can remember. With that concept in mind, once again this quiz will not provide you with any detailed explanations for each quiz answer. Rather, if you do not get the answer correct, your task is to research and find the answer using the study guides and academic quizzes on this site. The very act of researching will go a long way towards helping you to remember what you may have forgotten or remind you of areas where you might need a little more practice in. Now, it is time to begin round 3 of the Raffle series!

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  1. I do not believe that she has ever jumped out of a plane BEFORE.
    The Spanish words for before are antes de.
  2. He was relieved that he was able to ARTICULATE his feelings to her.
    In order to get the correct answer here you will need to know how to spell articulate in Spanish. The Spanish word for articulate is articulado. There is no accent mark.
  3. Hey everyone, the hotdogs and hamburgers are DONE.
    The Spanish word for done is hecho.
  4. It looks like it is going to be a FOGGY day today.
    As the capitalized word of foggy is describing the day. The word for day is a masculine word even though it ends with the letter 'a'. The word foggy is an adjective that is describing the day. As foggy is describing the day it must appear in the masculine form. This means that the third answer can be eliminated as it appears in the feminine form. The masculine Spanish word for foggy is brumoso.
  5. If you are going to carry a GUN you need to learn how to shoot properly.
    The Spanish word for gun is pistola.
  6. They treated her very well during her stay in the HOSPITAL.
    In order to get the correct answer here you will need to know how to spell hospital in Spanish. The Spanish word for hospital is hospital. It is the same in both English and Spanish and there is no accent mark.
  7. They all went to see a 3D MOVIE.
    The Spanish word for movie is película. Note that if you were to say 'the movies', then it would be either cine or cinema.
  8. There were many PEOPLE in attendance at the concert.
    The Spanish word for people is gente.
  9. They had to walk THROUGH the park on their way home.
    The Spanish words for through are a través de.
  10. The soccer team won the first place TROPHY!
    The Spanish word for trophy is trofeo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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