Raffle 4

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is the fourth of 5 raffle quizzes that will test your skill covering levels easy to difficult. You are almost done! If you have taken all of the academic quizzes in the Spanish Easy Review, Spanish Medium Review and Spanish Difficult Review, as well as all of the quick picture review quizzes then you are now on your next to last quiz! That must feel amazing. It might also feel a little sad that your journey is almost over. However, if you want to get into really being able to speak Spanish rather than just mostly reading and writing in Spanish, then your journey can continue on. In fact, this site contains a full course of Spanish Lessons that cover ten levels of learning.

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The ten levels of learning Spanish will not only give you more insight into the language, as well as refresh what you have already learned here in the academic and picture quiz series, but they will provide you with further learning experiences, including learning more verb tenses and vocabulary words and tasks to help stipulate the brain into being able to think in Spanish. In addition, they will also provide you with your first steps into actual Conversational Spanish.

Before you get ahead of yourself, you do still need to complete this raffle quiz, as well as Raffle 5. Remember, there will be no detailed explanations provided so if you need to learn more about the answers, whether the answer was right or wrong, then please check out the study materials and quizzes provided for you on this site. Now, let’s begin the drumroll to your next to last quiz!

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  1. She stood by the abstract PICTURE.
    The Spanish word for picture is foto.
  2. They each got an AWARD.
    The Spanish word for award is premio.
  3. Can you figure out his magic TRICK?
    The Spanish word for trick is truco.
  4. They went out for a snack AFTER the movie.
    The Spanish word for after is después.
  5. Every little girl should have a Raggedy Ann DOLL.
    The Spanish word for doll is muñeca.
  6. She said, 'FOLLOW me. I know the way home.'
    The capitalized word here is a verb and it is being used as a command. When a command is given, the verb generally appears in its base form. The Spanish base verb form for 'to follow' is seguir.
  7. Of the meats available my favorite is the HAM.
    The Spanish word for ham is jamón.
  8. She was JEALOUS that her brother got more bigger gifts.
    The Spanish word for jealous is celosa.
  9. Sally felt uncomfortable because he knew very little about the TOPIC they were discussing.
    The Spanish word for topic is tema.
  10. He hung up a WORLD map in his room.
    The Spanish word for world is mundo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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