Raffle 5

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz is not only the last Raffle quiz but it is the last of the Spanish Difficult Review quiz series. This is it! You have made it all the way through! Once you complete this quiz you are completely done with your journey towards learning the language of Spanish. (Unless, of course, you choose to take the 1,000 Spanish Lessons found on this site, covering ten levels of Spanish learning.) If you do choose to stop here, then in all, including the academic quizzes and the picture review quizzes, you will have completed a total of 450 quizzes. What an amazing accomplishment! You deserve all the credit for your hard work but before you can celebrate you will need to take this – your very last Spanish Review quiz in the entire series of Spanish Easy Review, Spanish Medium Review and Spanish Difficult Review. Are you ready?

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We’re sure you are really excited about reaching this momentous occasion so let’s get right into the quiz. Remember, the words in this Raffle series can be any word that you have learned. So pull out the last raffle ticket because the finish line is in sight!

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  1. In TYPICAL fashion, it rained every single day of their camping trip.
    Here the capitalized word is describing the object of fashion making it an adjective. Fashion is a feminine word which means that typical must be in the feminine form. The Spanish feminine word for typical is típica.
  2. From what he could see, he guessed that there were ABOUT thirty pieces of candy left in the bowl.
    The Spanish word for about is sobre. Note that at times the Spanish word of de is also used to mean about.
  3. What would a hamburger be without BACON?
    The Spanish word for bacon is tocino.
  4. When he heard that he had gotten the job he was filled with JOY!
    The Spanish word for joy is alegría.
  5. Off of the field they were good friends but on the field they were ENEMIES.
    For this word you will need to know how to spell enemies in Spanish. The Spanish word for enemies is enemigos. There is no accent mark.
  6. Do you prefer bacon or SAUSAGE?
    The Spanish word for sausage is salchicha.
  7. A HAMMER is a construction workers trusty friend.
    The Spanish word for hammer is martillo.
  8. It was custom to not allow any FEMALES at the stag party.
    The Spanish word for females is hembras.
  9. The mother PIG led her little piglets to the drinking trough.
    The Spanish word for pig is cerdo.
  10. Here is where they build the huge TRANSPORTATION ships.
    In order to get this one correct you will need to know how to spell transportation in Spanish. The Spanish word for transportation is transporte. There is no accent mark.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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