The Lord's Prayer

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz will highlight ways we can develop a relationship with God. To begin with, let’s look at a portion of a well-known prayer, i.e., The Lord’s Prayer. It begins as follows: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. These are the opening lines to a prayer that almost everyone in the world learns or, at the very least, has heard.

In Spanish these same lines read as follows: Padre nuestro que estás en el cielo, santificado sea tu Nombre. Venga a nosotros tu reino. Hágase tu voluntad en la tierra como en el cielo.

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These lines, and those that follow, give us a good example of what our relationship with God is but a prayer is not the only way we worship. We have many ways to show our devotion and obedience and for this quiz you will be shown ten different ways or forms that are related to a person’s relationship with God. As such you will need to pay close attention to the pictures because your answers will be found within them. Since this is a Spanish quiz, your answers must be found in Spanish! Many times we may feel an empty spot in our lives and pray that it may be filled. Therefore, it is our prayer that you correctly fill the empty spots in each sentence below!

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  1. We say the Lord’s Prayer in a ____.
    The first answer means store. The second answer means church. The third answer means garden and the last answer means courthouse. Although you can say the Lord’s Prayer in each of these places, the pictures shows us a church.
  2. The worship of money is believed to be the same as worshiping the ____ as seen in this picture.
    The first answer means finger. The second answer means money. The third answer means devil and the last answer means dice. The picture shows us money and the devil.
  3. This picture shows an altar of ____ to the Lord.
    The first answer means direction. The second answer means wood. The third answer means blood and the last answer means sacrifice. The picture shows us an altar where a sacrifice can be given.
  4. The hands of ____ envelope the Earth.
    In order to find the correct answer you need to know how to spell God in Spanish. It is spelled as Dios. There is no accent mark.
  5. The rosary is found in the ____ church.
    This too requires that you know how to spell catholic in Spanish. In Spanish it is católico (masculine form) and católica (feminine form). Notice that there is an accent mark above the first 'o' in the masculine form and only 'o' in the feminine form. Notice that each answer here shows a feminine form word. That is because 'catholic' is describing the type of church making it an adjective. An adjective must take on the gender of the object it is describing. Do you remember the word for 'church'? It is 'inglesia'. It is a feminine word which is why catholic in this instance is católica.
  6. We send up our ____ to heaven hoping that they will be answered.
    The first answer means words. The second answer means stories. The third answer means prayers and the last answer means letters. The picture shows us that we send up our prayers.
  7. Wine is part of some religious ____.
    The first answer means congregations. The second answer means hopes. The third answer means donations and the last answer means services. It is well known that wine is part of some religious services.
  8. All ____ have something that they believe in.
    In order to find the correct answer you need to know how to spell religions in Spanish. It is spelled as religiones. There is no accent mark on the plural form of the word. However, the singular form is spelled as religión.
  9. The ____ with Jesus shown on it represents his death.
    The first answer means sticker. The second answer means cross. The third answer means crucifix and the last answer means stone. Whenever you see Jesus on a cross it is called a crucifix. When he is not seen on the cross it is simply referred to as a cross. Therefore, this picture shows us a crucifix.
  10. God expects us to come to Him in ____.
    The first answer means arm. The second answer means structure. The third answer means charity and the last answer means humility. We must humble ourselves before the Lord. Therefore, God expects us to come to Him in humility.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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