Veggie Heaven!

This Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz will take a look at a variety of vegetables that can be found in veggie heaven. When you make a well balanced meal, that meal must include a good portion of vegetables. Depending upon how you prepare your vegetables, if they are prepared with the right ingredients, it could be like experiencing veggie heaven!

Vegetables do not have to be bland or ordinary to taste wonderful. It just takes a little practice to get them to taste amazing. You see, it takes practice in everything to get them just right and that includes practicing your Spanish veggies! Therefore, for this quick picture review quiz, you are going to zip through the quiz sentences and see how quickly you can locate the correct Spanish veggie that matches up with the English capitalized word found in each of the quiz sentences. Now, let’s look at some of those veggie heaven delights!

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  1. My mother always made baked YAMS at Thanksgiving.
    This is one vegetable that has come to be recognized as the same spelling in both English and Spanish. However, the more widely used Spanish name for yams is batatas which also means sweet potatoes.
  2. You can tell this it is CHARD by the red stem.
    The Spanish word for chard is acelga.
  3. Beans are all part of the LENTIL family.
    The Spanish word for lentil is lenteja.
  4. There is almost nothing so tasty as fresh garden STRING BEANS.
    The Spanish words for string beans are habas verdes.
  5. He ordered a second piece of RHUBARB pie.
    The Spanish word for rhubarb is ruibarbo.
  6. I am still convinced that BRUSSEL SPROUTS are baby cabbages.
    The Spanish words for Brussel sprouts are col de Bruselas.
  7. He is holding carrots while she is holding TURNIPS.
    The Spanish word for turnips is nabos.
  8. A well-presented dish of CHICKPEAS.
    The Spanish word for chickpeas is garbanzos.
  9. This picture shows you a SOYBEAN farm.
    The Spanish words for soybean are semilla de soja.
  10. Mom takes the time to decorate the dinner with colorful RADISHES.
    The Spanish word for radishes is rábanos.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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