Vocabulary - A Trip to the Powder Room!

This Spanish Difficult Review quiz will be reviewing items that you might find in the powder room. What is the powder room? Well, it is another way of saying bathroom or, as they say in some countries, the water closet or just simply the toilet. It is actually a very important place and if you find yourself in a Spanish speaking country, the vocabulary words that are associated with this necessity will be very essential. Therefore, this quiz will be devoted to those items that could possibly be found in or are associated with the powder room.

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cabinet botiquín [m] (also known as the first-aid kit)
cap gorra [f]
deodorant desodorante [m]
floss hilo dental [m] (note that the H is silent / it can also be translated as 'dental floss')
privacy privacidad [f]
private privado / privada [m/f]
rack rejilla [f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
razor navaja [f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
rug tapete [m]
shampoo champú [m]
shower ducha [f]
sink lavabo [m]
soap jabón [m]
spa spa [m]
toilet retrete [m]
toilet paper papel higiénico [m]
toothbrush cepillo de dientes [m]
toothpaste pasta dentífrica [f]
tub bañera [f]

Each of these words should help you out quite nicely if you ever are in the position to need them in a Spanish speaking country! Now on to the quiz below.

For the quiz, each of the ten sentences as an all capitalized powder room word. Your challenge is to locate its proper Spanish translation to that capitalized word. Are your ready? Then wash your hands and begin the quiz!

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  1. You will need to put the towels on the RACK.
    The Spanish word for rack is rejilla.
  2. Billy washed his hands in the SINK.
    The Spanish word for sink is lavabo.
  3. Dick had to buy a new RAZOR.
    The Spanish word for razor is navaja.
  4. Please put the medicine in the CABINET.
    The Spanish word for cabinet is botiquín.
  5. Mother ran to the store to buy some SHAMPOO.
    The Spanish word for shampoo is champú.
  6. They had to ask directions to the nearest TOILET.
    The Spanish word for toilet is retrete.
  7. We found TOOTHPASTE in the cabinet.
    The Spanish words for toothpaste are pasta dentífrica.
  8. My dentist told me I had to FLOSS my teeth on a regular basis.
    The Spanish word for floss is hilo dental. In other words, it is like saying 'dental floss' though, in English, 'dental' is often dropped.
  9. The door to the bathroom was marked PRIVATE.
    The word private is an adjective and must take on the same gender as the object it describes. In this case, it is the door which is la puerta in Spanish – or a feminine word. The Spanish word for private as it is used here is privada.
  10. My grandmother keeps a small RUG in front of her shower.
    The Spanish word for rug is tapete.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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