Vocabulary - A Visit to the Playground!

In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz we will be visiting a playground to see what we can find there. Do you like to go to the playground? They are great places for having fun. They are also great places to get some exercising in and to socialize with friends. That’s why nearly all schools have a playground or play yard for children. High schools like to call them tracks and fields. However you call them, they are a part of everyone’s lives at one time or another throughout life. Being such a huge part of life, it only makes sense to learn some of the items that are associated with a playground as they appear in Spanish. So, on that note, let’s look at playground finds.

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bench banco [m]
bleacher grada [f]
carousel tiovivo [m]
fountain fuente [f]
hoop aro [m]
leash correa [f]
merry-go-round calesita [f]
monkey bars barras del mono [m]
path camino [m]
pond estanque [m]
restroom servicios [m]
sandbox cajón de arena [m]
seesaw balancín [m]
slide diapositiva [f]
sprinkler aspersor [m]
swing columpio [m]
tetherball pelota atada [f]
track pista [f]
tunnel túnel [m]

Depending on which Spanish speaking country you are in, or even a region within a Spanish speaking country, you might hear 'restroom' referred to as being the 'aseo' or the 'baños públicos' (restrooms / public bathrooms).

Okay then, the list above isn't all that long so be sure to say each word out loud so you can hear how each one sounds. Focus on their spelling as well. When you have the words down, proceed to the quiz section. The quiz will be a mixture of capitalized words, blank words and questions to be answered. The only thing consistent with each problem is that the answer will be in Spanish. So, if you are ready, let’s go and visit the playground!

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  1. If you have a full bladder, you’ll be glad to find one of these.
    If you have a full bladder you’ll be glad to find a restroom. The Spanish words for restroom are servicios aseo.
  2. This is a board where two people sit at opposite ends and one person is up high while the other person is down low. What is it?
    A board where two people sit at opposite ends and one person is up high while the other person is down low is known as a seesaw. The Spanish word for seesaw is balancín.
  3. In many playgrounds you can take your dog off of his or her LEASH.
    The Spanish word for leash is correa.
  4. You can really use your imagination playing in a SANDBOX.
    The Spanish words for sandbox are cajón de arena.
  5. The parents sat on the BLEACHERS while the children played.
    The Spanish word for bleachers is gradas.
  6. These are used to water the grass at a playground.
    The playground item that is used to water the grass is to use sprinklers. The Spanish word for sprinklers is aspersores.
  7. A ball tied to a rope is called a ____.
    A ball that is tied to a rope is known as a tetherball. Tetherball in Spanish is pelota atada.
  8. After playing around you get really thirty and look for a ____.
    After playing around you get thirsty and look for a water fountain. The Spanish word for fountain is fuente.
  9. A real favorite item at a playground is the MERRY-GO-ROUND.
    The Spanish word or merry-go-round is calesita.
  10. Children love to slide through a TUNNEL!
    The Spanish word for tunnel is túnel.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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