Vocabulary - Look: More Vegetables!

In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz you will be looking at some healthy foods, i.e., vegetables. We’re pretty certain that just above everyone has heard their mother say: Eat your vegetables. For some people, that command is an awful chore. However, vegetables are essential for eating a healthy diet.

Did you know that people who eat lots of vegetables and fruits have a much lower risk of getting cancer? In fact, eating lots of vegetables helps you to fight all kinds of diseases and bacteria that can make you very ill. I know you’re probably thinking that what does this have to do with learning Spanish – well – people all over the world need to eat vegetables and luckily for you, you will be able to name many different kinds of vegetables in two different languages!

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You should already know the Spanish names of several vegetables but now it is time to learn a few more. Maybe just learning the Spanish names will help to strengthen you mind! Well – maybe…. So let’s take a look at some vegetables.


beet remolacha [f]
Brussels sprout col de Bruselas [f]
cabbage repollo [m]
chard acelga [f]
chicory achicoria [f]
chickpea garbanzo [m]
endive endivia [f]
lentil lenteja [f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
okra quingombó [m]
radish rábano [m]
rhubarb ruibarbo [m]
shallot chalote [m]
soybean semilla de soja [f]
squash cucurbitácea [f]
string beans habas verdes [f]
tapioca tapioca [f]
turnip nabo [m]
watercress berro [m]
yam batata [f]
zucchini calabacín [m]

There are some really long words in this list so take some time to really become familiar with them, their pronunciations and how they are spelled. When you have finished studying them, move on to the quiz sentences. Each sentence has an all capitalized vegetable. Your task is to locate the Spanish translation of the capitalized vegetable.

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  1. The first time I ate OKRA was in Mississippi.
    The Spanish name of okra is quingomobó.
  2. Daddy loves grandmother’s RHUBARB pie.
    The Spanish word for rhubarb is ruibarbo.
  3. Do you ever put WATERCRESS in your salads?
    The Spanish word for watercress is berro.
  4. I planted some SQUASH in my garden this year.
    The Spanish word for squash is cucurbitácea.
  5. My brother is allergic to RADISHES.
    The Spanish word for radishes is rábanos.
  6. She bought six cans of STRING BEANS.
    The Spanish word for string beans is habas verdes.
  7. Have you ever had SOYBEAN milk?
    The Spanish word for soybean is semilla de soja.
  8. Jimmy thought that the Brussel sprouts looked like little cabbages.
    The Spanish words for Brussel sprouts are col de Bruselas.
  9. Grandfather loves to have his BEETS pickled.
    The Spanish word for beets is remolachas.
  10. LENTILS are legumes. They look like dried split peas, although they are not as sweet.
    The Spanish word for lentils is lentejas.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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