Vocabulary - Say It With a Prayer!

In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz we will take a look at items that are associated with religion such as prayer. There are many different religions throughout the word. What exactly is religion? It is anything and/or anyone you worship. For some people, money is their religion. For other people, those who profess to not believe in a religion, that is, in essence, their religious belief. Whatever your religious view is or are, it is still important to know a little bit about religion, including being able to talk about it in your new language of Spanish to friends, family and even strangers. Therefore, in this quiz, you will learn how to say several things that relate to religion.

In the Spanish Medium Review quiz series you learned one word that relates to religion and prayer, i.e., church which is iglesia. Now it is time to learn a few more words as follows.

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baptism bautismo [m]
bishop obispo [m]
catholic católico [m]
charity caridad [f]
choir coro [m]
congregation congregación [f]
cross cruz [f]
crucifix crucifijo [m]
crucifixion crucifixión [m]
devil diablo [m]
donation donación [f]
faith fe [f]
God Dios [m]
hope esperanza [f]
humble humilde
humility humildad [f]
Jesus Jesús
meeting reunión [f]
miracle milagro [m]
obedience obediencia [f]
pew banco [m]
prayer oración [f]
protestant protestante [m]
quiet tranquilo / tranquila [m/f]
religion religión [f]
religious religioso / religiosa [m/f]
reverence adoración [f] (also means place of worship)
reverent reverente [m]
sacrifice sacrificio [m]
Satan Satanás [m]
sermon sermón [m]
service servicio [m]

Below in the quiz section there are ten sentences. Each sentence contains either an all capitalized word or a blank space. Your challenge, if you have the faith, is to quickly locate the correct Spanish translation to that capitalized word or the Spanish word that will properly fit into the blank space. We here pray that you do very well!

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  1. My parents always give the church a DONATION each month.
    This should be an easy one as the Spanish word for donation is donación.
  2. Some churches have specially assigned family PEWS.
    The Spanish word for pews is bancos.
  3. You must be QUIET inside of a church.
    The Spanish word for quiet is tranquilo.
  4. Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Mormons and Muslims are all different ____.
    Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Mormons and Muslims are all different religions. The Spanish word for religions is religiones.
  5. Stacy always wanted to be able to sing with the ____.
    The most likely answer to fit in here would be a choir. The Spanish word for choir is coro.
  6. The office of the BISHOP has a different meaning from one church to another.
    The Spanish word for bishop is obispo.
  7. You enter into the waters of ____ to be saved.
    Most religions believe that you need to enter into the waters of baptism in order to be saved. The Spanish word for baptism is bautismo.
  8. Some people wear a ____ around their necks.
    Some people wear a crucifix around their necks. The Spanish word for crucifix is crucifijo.
  9. In order to be teachable you must show HUMILITY.
    The Spanish word for humility is humildad.
  10. A person must have ____, hope and charity in their hearts to be a true follower of Christ.
    A person must have faith, hope and charity in their hearts. The Spanish word for faith is fe.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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