Vocabulary - What's My Line?

Many years ago there used to be a television series called What’s My Line. In the show a panel of famous people were introduced to a mystery guest. The panel had to see if they could determine what kind of work the mystery person did by asking the guest a series of questions. So, What’s My Line, or this Spanish Difficult Review quiz, will be about a person’s occupational career.

Both the Spanish Easy Review and the Spanish Medium Review quiz series contained occupational vocabulary quizzes so this will be just a continuation of those. Therefore, let’s take a look at adding the following occupations to your occupational vocabulary bank of words.

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accountant contador / contadora [m/f]
archaeologist arqueólogo / arqueóloga [m/f]
athlete atleta (same for both male and female)
butler mayordomo [m]
captain capitán [m] / capitana [f] (note that there is no accent mark in the feminine form)
carpenter carpintero / carpintera [m/f]
clerk oficinista [m] (same for both male or female)
electrician electricista [m] (same for both male or female)
florist florista [m] (same for both male or female)
guitarist guitarrista [m] (same for both male or female)
journalist cronista [m] (same for both male or female)
landlord / landlady dueño / dueña [m/f]
librarian bibliotecario / bibliotecaria [m/f]
patient paciente [m] (same for both male or female)
plumber plomero / plomera [m/f]
prisoner prisionero / prisionera [m/f]
publisher editor / editora [m/f]
surgeon cirujano / cirujana [m/f]
writer escritor / escritora [m/f]

Okay, now it is onto the quiz section. Each quiz sentence will describe an occupation. However, not all of the occupations may come from the list of occupations found in the introduction shown above. That’s what will make this quiz just a bit more challenging. In fact, a quiz item might require you to remember the name of an occupation learned in either Spanish Easy Review or Spanish Medium Review. Are you up for this challenge? Then let’s see what line it is!

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  1. You will find many of these at the Olympics
    You will find many athletes at the Olympics. The Spanish word for athletes is atletas.
  2. He cuts you open to fix what is wrong inside.
    A person who cuts you open to fix you is called a surgeon. The Spanish word for surgeon is cirujano.
  3. She will put your portrait on a canvas.
    A person who puts your portrait on a canvas is called a painter. As this is a female painter, the Spanish word for painter is pintora.
  4. He makes cakes, pies, cookies and brownies.
    A person who makes cakes, pies, cookies and brownies is a baker. The Spanish word for baker is panadero.
  5. He will clear out the drains in your sink and tub.
    A person who will clear out the drains in your sink and tub is called a plumber. The Spanish word for plumber is plomero.
  6. They fight to keep their country safe.
    The people who fight to keep their country safe are called soldiers. The Spanish word for soldiers is soldados.
  7. She will cut your hair.
    A person who cuts your hair is known as a beautician. The Spanish word for beautician is esteticista.
  8. They will campaign for your vote.
    People who will campaign for your vote are known as politicians. The Spanish word for politicians is politícos.
  9. This person will take notes of business meetings.
    A person who takes notes at a business meeting is known as a clerk. The Spanish word for clerk is oficinista.
  10. This person collects your rent.
    A person who collects your rent is known as the landlord. The Spanish word for landlord is dueño.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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