World Landmarks 2

For this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz we will be taking a second trip around the world to look at some amazing landmarks. You visited ten of those landmarks in the first Spanish Difficult Review quick picture review quiz titled World Landmarks 1. Now let’s take a look at ten more of these glorious sites to see!

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  1. You will find this CLOCK TOWER in London. It is also referred to as Big Ben.
    The Spanish words for clock tower are torre de reloj.
  2. The gladiators of ancient Rome fought here. What is it called?
    The gladiators of ancient Rome found in the Roman Colosseum. The Spanish words for Roman Colosseum are Coliseo Romano.
  3. At one time this was the tallest building in the world. It is located in New York City and King Kong fell off it to his death. What is the name of the building?
    It was once the tallest building in the world made even more famous when in the movie King Kong fell to his death off of it. This building is the Empire State Building located in New York City. The Spanish words for Empire State Building are Edificio Empire State.
  4. You will have to go to San Francisco to see this landmark that spans over the bay. It is the ____.
    The landmark shown in this picture that can be found in San Francisco is that of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Spanish words for Golden Gate Bridge are Puente Golden Gate. Note that part of the English words remains.
  5. A gift to the United States of America from France, she stands in the harbor off of New York City. Who is she?
    A gift to the United States of America from France and which stands in the harbor off of New York City is the Statue of Liberty. The Spanish words for Statue of Liberty are Estatua de la Libertad.
  6. Located in Australia, this is the famous ____.
    Located in Australian this picture is of the famous Sydney Opera House. The Spanish word for Sydney Opera House are Casa de la Ópera de Sidney.
  7. Americans know this landmark as ____. However, it is actually called the Tower Bridge.
    Americans general know the landmark shown in this picture as London Bridge. The Spanish words for London Bridge are Puente de Londres.
  8. Found in France, Marie Antoinette once lived here. It is called ____.
    The place where Marie Antoinette once lived is called the Palace of Versailles. The Spanish words for Palace of Versailles are Palacio de Versalles.
  9. It is said that it took over two thousand years to build this. What is it?
    This picture shows you a portion of what is known as the Great Wall of China. It was built in sections and took over two thousand years to build. The Spanish words for Great Wall of China are Gran Muralla China.
  10. The United States’ Presidents live here. It is called the ____.
    This picture shows you the house where the United States’ Presidents live. It is called the White House which in Spanish is Casa Blanca.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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