Writing - Nursery Rhyme: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Welcome to learning nursery rhymes in Spanish! There will be a number of Spanish Difficult Review nursery rhyme quizzes. Each one was created to help you with your Spanish vocabulary memory of words. In addition, since this is a writing quiz, you will be required to write out the Spanish quiz sentences and then translate those sentences into English. In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz you will be covering the nursery rhyme of Mary Had a Little Lamb as it is spoken in Spanish.

Each rhyme, and the writing practice required, should help the brain to exercise its memory bank and withdraw a word quickly. Mary Had a Little Lamb was originally written as a song in the round such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat. It was written by Sarah Josepha Hale in May of 1830 and then published in Boston. It is believed that the poem/song was inspired by an actual event when a girl named Mary Sawyer, who lived in Sterling, Massachusetts, brought her lamb to school with her.

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Mary Had a Little Lamb is also famous for being the very first rhyme that Thomas Edison recorded on his phonograph in 1877. As the nursery rhyme of Mary Had a Little Lamb is rather short, some of the quiz sentences will actually be questions or statements about the rhyme. Therefore, please pay close attention to determine if the sentence is a line from the nursery or if the line is a question or statement about the nursery. Ah, now that has got to start you to thinking! It’s going to be a challenge but if you take the time – you can do it! So, get some paper and a pen (or pencil) and then let’s start looking at Mary Had a Little Lamb!

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  1. María tuvo un pequeño cordero.
    The given sentence reads: Mary had a little lamb.
  2. Y en todas partes que María fue,
    The given sentence reads: and everywhere that Mary went.
  3. La siguió a la escuela un día.
    The given sentence reads: He followed her to school one day.
  4. Hizo que los niños ríen y juegan.
    The given sentence reads: It made the children laugh and play.
  5. ¿Quién escribió esta canción?
    The question being asked here is: Who wrote this song? Sarah Josepha Hale wrote it.
  6. ¿En qué año fue escrita esta canción?
    The question being asked here is: In what year was this song written? It was written in 1830.
  7. Porque, María ama el cordero, ya sabes.
    The given sentence reads: Because, Mary loves the lamb, you know.
  8. El profesor respondió.
    The given sentence reads: The teacher responded.
  9. ¿Dónde vivió María?
    The question being asked is: Where did Mary live? She lived in Massachusetts.
  10. Se cree que la historia se inspiró en ____.
    The statement reads: It is believed that the story was inspired by ____. The answer is an actual event.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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